Voter turnout ranging from high to normal around region

With today’s voting entering the final stretch before the 9 p.m. cutoff, election commissioners in f

With today’s voting entering the final stretch before the 9 p.m. cutoff, election commissioners in five counties said turnout in their communities ranges from excellent to normal for a typical local election year. Polls opened at 6 a.m.

“Our poll inspectors are saying turnout is excellent in the city of Amsterdam and towns of Florida and Amsterdam,” said Caroline Swartz, Democratic deputy election commissioner for the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

She attributed the above-normal turnout to fiercely contested races in the localities, including strong races for mayor, supervisor and city council in the city.

Jamie Duchessi, Democratic election commissioner for Montgomery County, meanwhile, said turnout in the western part of the county, where many races are uncontested, has been low. He added, however, that the Palatine supervisor race, which involves a write-in candidacy, could generate a good turnout.

In Schenectady County, turnout has been average for a local election year, according to election commissioners. A closely watched race involves that pitting Acting Mayor Gary McCarthy, a Democrat, and Roger Hull of the Alliance Party. Hull also has the backing of Republicans. The Alliance Party is also running candidates for City Council, currently controlled by Democrats.

“The turnout in the city is what is to be expected in a local election year, and on balance turnout is averaging out to a normal pattern,” said Democratic Election Commissioner Brian Quail.

Said Art Brassard, Republican election commissioner, “There is nothing really off the charts anywhere.”

Quail said people typically vote in the morning before going to work and on the way home from work, or immediately after getting home. He said most people finish voting by 7 p.m.

Schoharie County Democratic Election Commissioner Clifford Hay said turnout is good. But then again, he said, “we always have a good turnout.” He said the flooding from the summer, which devastated the county, has appeared not to have affected peoples’ desire to vote.

“I was not surprised or shocked. The flooding has not affected it that much,” Hay said.

Fulton County Democratic Election Commissioner John Schermerhorn said turnout is good, especially in contested races involving write-in candidates. These races are in Caroga Lake and in the towns of Johnstown and Broadalbin. Turnout is strong in several contested ward races in Gloversville, he said.

Roger Schiera, Republican election commissioner for Saratoga County, said turnout is mixed in polling locations he visited around noon today. “I went to a half-dozen sites and it was spotty with some sites busy around midday and some quiet,” he said. “This is a local election and turnout typically tends to be lower.”

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