Experts debate meaning of 11-11-11

It may be just another day for some people, but for others, today’s date — 11-11-11 — has special me

It may be just another day for some people, but for others, today’s date — 11-11-11 — has special meaning.

For one thing, the numbers can only occur every 100 years. The last time it happened was Nov. 11, 1911.

Jeanne Koenigreuter, an intuitive (tarot card) reader, said 11 is a “master number.”

“It represents a gateway and will intensify everything,” Koenigreuter said. “It’s a very powerful time.”

People are gathering around the world in meditation groups today to think about peace, good will and a more sustainable environment, she said. Koenigreuter herself is attending a meditation session tonight in Cooperstown.

“We will meditate about things to make the world better,” she said.

David J. Pitkin, author of a book on spiritual numerology, as well as “Haunted Saratoga County,” about ghosts, doesn’t see too much in the numbers.

“The third 11 is shorthand for 2011,” Pitkin said. “The only thing remarkable is the shorthand version, 11-11-11. It really doesn’t hold up, there is nothing mystical about it,” Pitkin said.

“To me, 11 itself has a meaning in numerology, two stick figures facing one another or facing away,” Pitkin said.

He said the spiritual connotation of 11 can mean unity or separation and antagonism.

Don’t tell people who are getting married today that 11-11-11 is meaningless. Mazzone Hospitality is catering weddings today at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga Spa State Park, at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs and at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia.

“It’s a really busy day,” said Susan Baker, vice president for sales and marketing for Mazzone.

Baker said the numbers “stick out” and are easy to remember, making the date popular for weddings. She said the same thing happened on 7-7-7 and 9-10-11.

Brenda Moreno, catering manager for Longfellow’s Restaurant and Hotel at 500 Union Ave. in Saratoga Springs, said her restaurant has a wedding today. “It just worked out, and it fit within their budget,” she said.

She said 9-10-11 was a very popular day for weddings. Longfellow’s had two weddings at its location and catered two weddings at other locations on that date.

Alpin Haus and Mazzone Hospitality are also using today’s date as a marketing tool. Alpin Haus will commemorate the day with a special offer at its ski and pool shop in Clifton Park Center mall starting at 11:11 a.m. today for 111 minutes.

Each of 11 winter sports items will be reduced to $11, $111, or $211.

Mazzone Hospitality will offer shoppers at Alpin Haus a chance to sample its Chimmi Truck Burger Slider outside the front door of the store.

Today is also Veterans Day — the 11th day of the 11th month — first called Armistice Day, marking the end of World War I in 1918.

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