Fabulous favorites: Slow cooker does justice to family’s stuffed peppers recipe

The queen strikes again. This time, the royal project is stuffed peppers.

The queen strikes again. This time, the royal project is stuffed peppers.

Dina Marie Gizzi, who plugs in a slow cooker so often co-workers have nicknamed her the “Crock-Pot Queen,” introduced readers to her slow-cooked Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup earlier this month. While many people bake stuffed peppers in a conventional oven, Gizzi uses her Crock-Pot.

“The stuffed peppers are a family recipe,” Gizzi said. “Coming from an all-Italian family, they weren’t thrilled when I told them I was going to turn their homemade recipe into a Crock-Pot recipe. Not everyone understands the simplicity and convenience of a Cock-Pot. However, once they ate them, they couldn’t tell if they were made in the oven or in the Cock-Pot.”

All people need are four large bell peppers and a mixture that includes bread, grated cheese, spices and pepperoni. Gizzi said other meats can be considered when people go for the green vegetables.

“You can put in hamburger or sausage,” she said. “You can’t do rice because you don’t want to put rice in the Crock-Pot. I’ve never done it that way.”

Pepper time in the slow cooker is time well spent.

“They come out perfectly soft,” Gizzi said, “and they’re really good.”

Stuffed Peppers

4 green bell peppers

1⁄2 loaf bread

2 eggs

1⁄4 teaspoon salt

1⁄4 teaspoon pepper

1⁄2 cup grated cheese

1 onion, chopped into tiny pieces

1 stick pepperoni, chopped into tiny pieces

Wash the peppers, cut off the lids and clean the insides, discarding seeds. Soak 1⁄2 loaf of bread in water and then squeeze out the water, putting the bread into a mixing bowl. Add the 2 eggs, salt, pepper, grated cheese, onion pieces and pepperoni pieces. Mix all ingredients. Once blended, place the mixture into a slow cooker and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours.

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