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Plan in the works for Glenville dog park

Town officials are in the planning stages for a small dog park to be built on a portion of the 33-ac

Fido and Duke may have a place to run around and play next summer.

Town officials are in the planning stages for a small dog park to be built on a portion of the 33-acre Andersen property, a former farm at the intersection of Swaggertown and Van Buren roads. Mark Andersen donated the property to the town upon his death in May 2007.

A portion of the property is already being used for a leaf composting facility, which is saving the town on landfill tipping fees. Recreational trails are also part of the master plan for the land.

Director of Operations James MacFarland said requests for a dog park have come repeatedly at Town Board and Park Planning Commission meetings. People want a place where dogs can go off leash and run and interact with other dogs.

“Everybody liked the idea. We are now taking that planning to the next stage,” he said.

The town has hired Environmental Design Partnership of Clifton Park to draw up some plans and next month will have some more specific cost estimates. MacFarland said this would be a modest dog park of about a half-acre in size.

MacFarland said he envisions that the park would consist of a 100 foot by 200 foot fenced area. It would also likely have a portable toilet, benches and picnic tables, a station for dog waste with bags and a parking area. Also, there would be water fountains for dogs and humans.

“There’s not a lot of shade yet right on that open field. It could be hot out there,” he said.

The Glenville Rotary has informed the town that it will assist its efforts to build the park. The organization has contributed around $10,000 to Indian Meadows and other parks in town, according to MacFarland.

MacFarland said the town would come up with some type of permit system so dogs are licensed and their owners identified.

After the Park Planning Commission is satisfied with the design, they will come before the Town Board for approval. MacFarland estimated that construction could begin in late spring or early summer and take a few weeks.

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