McLoughlin Take 2: He’s got a lot more questions

Let me ask you something …

Let me ask you something …

• Wonder if the teachers union would explain once again, and very slowly this time, how it is that job performance evaluations not only are useless but also can be downright harmful, so I can lay this one on my own bosses?

• Are you having as tough a time as I am with the breakup of Heidi and Seal?

• I mean, why not hire only 30 or so members of the Schenectady Police Department, all of whom would live at headquarters, be on overtime ’round the clock and go home on weekends (rotating basis) and big holidays to see family and friends?

• Would it not be cooler than frozen yogurt if all sports used the term “nil” instead of the dumb, old “zero” or “nothing,” as in “the Packers now leading the Niners, seven to nil,” or at the very least, use the word “zip,” as in “Packers leading the Niners seven to zip?”

• Let’s not mention any names, but do you guys know whom I mean when I say that some local biz-people really are wasting their cash by doing their own TV ads?

• How can anyone even consider that Joe Six-Pack, who files the short form, would fail to understand completely that Mitt’s making of $43 million over two years and his paying of about 15 percent in taxes is not entirely on the up and up and, really, if you think about it, it’s the American Dream come true?

• Hey kids, know what the two most important words in the English language are if you want to be a TV weatherman? That’s right buckaroos, if you guessed “out there” you’re ready for low pressure system drills.

• Hey, Sen. Rand Paul, is it so difficult for you to understand that some of us lonely types actually look forward to the attention TSA workers pay us when we show up at the airport? (Are you sure you don’t want to pat me down?)

• Is it not amazing how smoothly that whole state budget thing goes when you raise taxes one month BEFORE releasing the money figures and you have an extra $1.9 billion or so to mess around with?

• Why in the world did Joe Bruno not hire attorney E. Stewart Jones in the first place — to go along with Bill Dreyer — instead of D.C. hotshot Abbe Lowell, whose very expensive demeanor seemed to antagonize Judge Gary Sharpe from the get-go?

• Why am I wrong to think that the Siena hoopsters did not get sufficient props for those incredible wins over Iona and Fairfield, two very talented conference teams that fielded nine and 10 players versus Siena’s younger six?

• Now that we’re talking about a new pension tier for brand-new state workers, should we assume that lawmakers will want to create a new category of similarly reduced benefits for their newly elected brethren?

• Tell me, am I the only one amazed that Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks would go to the trouble of coming to the Capital Region, to the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road, two days from now, just one week before the Super Bowl, to appear on the 52nd annual Center for Disability Services Telethon on WXXA-TV, when you could understand entirely if he instead wanted to get a little rest before an incredibly stressful week (although the Giants’ Steve Smith did the same in ’08, when they won the rings, so maybe the Big Bluesters think it’s a good luck charm)?

• So how about we let Albany lawmakers raise their salaries (first time in more than a dozen years) by ten thousand bucks, but we take back two grand each time one of them gets indicted or when they fail to pass the on-time budget?

• Could some TV reporters get any more breathless in their enthusiasm as when reporting on large gatherings of anti’s for controversial issues such as fracking, etc. (Tivo, if you can, last Monday)?

John McLoughlin is a veteran Capital Region journalist, now at NewsChannel 13. Reach him by email to [email protected]

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