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Missing baby last seen with biological mother

A 12-week-old baby is missing from Schenectady, and her health may be in danger, according the state

A 12-week-old baby is missing from Schenectady, and her health may be in danger, according the state Missing Persons Clearinghouse.

The child is identified in fliers as Madison Green, born Nov. 9. She has been missing since Jan. 25, according to the flier, issued Tuesday.

Schenectady County Child Protective Services was supposed to have custody of the child, but she was last seen with her biological mother, Janel Davis. Schenectady County spokesman Joe McQueen confirmed CPS never had physical custody of the child, but Schenectady County Family Court Judge Mark Powers had granted the county custody of the child.

With police assistance, CPS workers went to get the baby, but the mother and the baby had disappeared.

“We’re working with the Schenectady police to try and put the word out,” McQueen said.

Anyone with information was asked to call the Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-3543.

According to the flier, Madison may be in need of medical attention.

Tracey Brunecz, of the Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office, said the initial allegations were that the child was not being properly cared for.

Powers ordered the mother to turn over the child, but she refused and then couldn’t be located, Brunecz said.

The Schenectady Police Department is listed as the investigating agency. Police spokesman Lt. Mark McCracken confirmed Wednesday that the child’s whereabouts remain unknown and that police continue to have concern for the child’s safety, health and welfare.

The child and mother could possibly be in Albany, and Davis may be using the CDTA bus system for transportation, the flier reads.

Davis is described as a 28-year-old black female, weighing 180 pounds and standing about 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She may go by the street name “Ginger.” She has brown eyes but wears “very blue” contacts and may have blonde hair.

Madison is described as a black female with brown eyes and brown hair, weighing 15 pounds.

The flier was distributed by the state Department of Criminal Justice Services Missing Persons Clearinghouse, which assists local law enforcement in finding children by creating the fliers and distributing them.

The flier on Madison’s disappearance has been distributed to all hospitals in the 518 area code, as well as bus terminals, law enforcement and probation departments in the region, and is also available online, a DCJS official said.

The case does not fit the criteria for the wider Amber Alert, the official said.

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