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Schenectady man killed in Rochester train incident

Authorities in Rochester say they’re investigating the death of a man who was found injured on the t

Authorities in Rochester are investigating the death of an Amtrak passenger apparently dragged by a train after being kicked off for drunkenness.

Police tell local media that 44-year-old Troy Patrick Zabawczuk of Schenectady got off the Chicago-bound train for unknown reasons after it arrived at the Rochester station early this morning. They say that when he tried to re-board, the conductor refused to let him back on because he’d disturbed other passengers earlier.

Police say Zabawczuk was apparently intoxicated.

They believe he tried to jump back on as the train left the station and was dragged a short distance.

His body was found soon afterward. He was pronounced dead at a hospital around 2:15 a.m.

A message has been left seeking Amtrak comment on its policy for ejecting passengers.

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