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Colonie murder plea draws 24-years-to-life sentence

One violent night at the Super 8 Motel could cost Rupert Alberga up to life in prison.

One violent night at the Super 8 Motel could cost Rupert Alberga up to life in prison.

The 30-year-old known as “Jazz” admitted he stabbed to death 23-year-old Mary J. Fyvie early on Aug. 21. Alberga, who was dating Fyvie, now faces 24 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to one count of second-degree murder.

“Rupert Alberga will spend the best years of his life behind bars for taking the life of someone he was in a relationship with,” said District Attorney P. David Soares, following Alberga’s plea in Albany County Court Friday.

Fyvie, who spent part of her youth in Schenectady, was found stabbed to death inside Room 243 of the Central Avenue motel. Alberga had known her for about seven years, and the woman’s family members described their relationship as tumultuous.

Alberga summoned police on the morning after the murder, about six hours after the two checked into the motel. Rooms were occupied on either side of where the couple was staying, but none of the guests reporting hearing any commotion.

Police found Alberga with a knife wound to his left wrist that they said was similar to those inflicted in suicide attempts. Investigators also recovered a knife from the room,

Alberga remains in custody at Albany County Jail until sentencing on April 27. Special Victims Unit Bureau Chief Shannon Sarfoh is handling the prosecution.

Family members indicated that Fyvie had talked about ending the relationship with Alberga for some time. A relative even believed it had already ended before her murder.

“There are many women in abusive relationships and who confront danger every day,” Soares said. “Cases like this should serve as a reminder to batterers that consequences are severe but also that help is available to victims.”

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