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Large, old safe dumped illegally in Vale Park

City officials found a large, old-looking safe in Vale Park off Nott Terrace.

Anybody lose a safe recently in Vale Park?

Or dump one there?

Those were the obvious questions late Thursday afternoon as city officials found a large, old-looking safe at the park off Nott Terrace.

Before anyone asks the obvious third question — no, there was nothing in it.

That was clear. It didn’t have a door, and there was nothing but rainwater inside.

It was actually found around 4:30 p.m. by city Commissioner of General Services Carl Olsen as he was going through the park.

It appeared as though somebody had just dumped it there, probably in recent days. He recalled going past a few days ago and not seeing it. Finding it Thursday, though, raised those questions.

“Before I pulled it out of there, I reported it to police, just to see whether or not one was missing,” Olsen said. “It was kind of unusual. You don’t normally find an open safe with no door.”

A police spokesman said the safe had no value as evidence in any crime. Police do not know where it came from but said it appears to have been in the elements awhile.

Olsen said he was hopeful of identifying who dumped the safe there. That would be a first step in determining the history of the safe, which appeared to be fairly old.

Even if the safe wasn’t fresh out of some heist movie, he said it still was dumped illegally. That’s not allowed and could result in a fine for whoever dumped it, Olsen said.

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