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Stockade bear? Albany bear? The one spotted in Guilderland today could be making return visit

The taste of city living may have been a little too enticing for a black bear that recently wandered

The taste of city living may have been a little too enticing for a black bear that recently wandered through the Capital Region.

One of the bears recently trapped by the state Department of Environmental Conservation officers this month may have been spotted near the intersection of Carman Road and Lydius Street.

Guilderland Police received reports of a bear with two tags strolling down Posson Street this morning and then later reports of it heading toward the state Thruway.

DEC officers were monitoring the situation from afar, but had no further reports of the creature in the afternoon. Spokesman Rick Georgeson said the bear could very well be either the one trapped in the outskirts of Albany earlier this month or another that was tranquilized in Schenectady’s Stockade neighborhood last week.

Both bears were released in Delaware County in an area more than 80 miles away from either city. But distance doesn’t seem to bother bears once they get a feel for living in urban areas.

“They’ve been known to come back more than 100 miles,” Georgeson said today.

While DEC officers were keeping eyes peeled and an ear to the ground for the bear in Guilderland, others were monitoring one that had scurried into a tree on Meadow Drive in the Rensselaer County town of North Greenbush. Georgeson said the officers plan to “wait out” the bear in the hope that it vacates its perch and wanders off.

Of course, with curious onlookers drawn to the creature, that prospect could dim. Georgeson said gatherings of people tend to frighten bears to higher places and make it more difficult for them to wander back into the wild.

Last week, DEC officers were forced to tranquilize a bear that climbed more than 40 feet into a tree in the backyard of a Front Street residence on Thursday. The ursine sighting spurred an almost carnival-like atmosphere in the historic neighborhood, which is not prone to seeing such creatures wander through.

Similarly, a bear wandered through the quiet South End neighborhood on Mount Hope Drive on May 1. The bear was tracked by police until it scurried more than 50 feet up into a tree in the rear of one residence, prompting DEC officers to tranquilize it.

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