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Economic development agency seeing increased interest in Fulton County

Fulton County’s top economic development organization is seeing an increase in interest this year fr

Fulton County’s top economic development organization is seeing an increase in interest this year from businesses looking at the area for opportunities.

That is the message from Michael Reese, executive director of the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth. The center is the new corporate parent for the Fulton County Economic Development Corp. and the Crossroads Incubator Corp.

“The number of companies that are talking to us about potential projects has increased,” he said. The level of interest is not the same as it was in 2008, prior to the recession, but it is better than it was in 2011, he added. “If I had to put a term on it, I would say I am cautiously optimistic. It looks better, but it will not be as strong a growth as I would like it to be,” he said.

At last week’s meeting of the center’s board of directors, Reese went through an extensive list of projects in which the center is involved. He would not publicly provide specifics or names, saying the companies work with the center confidentially, but he discussed specifics with the board in an executive session. The center says it is a private agency not subject to state oversight and state open meeting laws. The state, meanwhile, is seeking a legal determination on whether that is so.

Some general details about deals the center is working on:

A manufacturing company is looking in the Fulton County/Gloversville area to site its operations. Reese said “everything is on the table.” The company could purchase an existing building or it construct a building for business.

A startup company in Gloversville is working with the center and with banks to find financing to help it grow. “They have been here since last fall. They have got the company off ground and want to grow,” Reese said. With additional capital, the company could add employees and boost sales, he said.

An existing business in Gloversville is looking to purchase a facility in the area. “They lease now and want to buy,” Reese said.

A patent holder wants to launch a company in the county to sell the product.

An individual wants to open a startup business in Northville.

The center is showing buildings it owns in the Crossroads Industrial Park to potential tenants.

The center is meeting with a Johnstown-based company about possibly obtaining state funds. “They have a number of projects and they wanted information from the state to fit it into their plans. It does not mean they have a project,” Reese said.

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