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Charges dropped in slashing that followed shooting at Schenectady party

The woman accused of slashing a man in the chaos that surrounded the unrelated killing of a 15-year-

The woman accused of slashing a man in the chaos that surrounded the unrelated killing of a 15-year-old boy saw the case against her dropped this week.

Prosecutor Philip Mueller said he dropped the second-degree assault case against 20-year-old Anasia Nesbit after questions arose about the alleged victim’s credibility and prosecutors couldn’t find corroborating evidence or witnesses to back up his original story.

Nesbit has been identified by authorities as the woman who threw the party where Eddie Stanley was killed. She has also has been identified as the girlfriend of the man accused of gunning Stanley down, James Wells of Brooklyn.

She was accused shortly after the gunfire incident of slashing the party’s DJ as the DJ tried to get paid.

The case had been close to trial, but as prosecutors revisited witnesses and investigated further, they felt they didn’t have the evidence to sustain the charge.

The DJ was cut in the chaos, Mueller said. He dripped blood from the scene to a nearby house, where he described the slashing and identified Nesbit as the slasher, Mueller said. But whether it was the chaos surrounding the almost-simultaneous shooting or just that no one was looking at the slashing, authorities found no other witnesses to the slashing.

The alleged victim also later was charged with making a false report to police in an unrelated case, undermining his credibility, and he stopped cooperating with prosecutors altogether.

The memories of the witnesses who heard the DJ describe the slasher changed. And hair that could have corroborated part of the DJ’s original story did not come back as matching Nesbit.

“The bottom line is, because of significant changes in the evidence as we did further investigate and prepare for trial, we concluded that we could no longer represent to the jury that the proof rose to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” Mueller said.

Nesbit was represented by attorney Lauren Mack. Mack said Friday that her client was happy about the dismissal.

“She’s very happy,” Mack said. “But she’s just upset that it took so long, because she did spend 90 days in jail on it and it’s been going on for about a year now.”

Mueller has described Wells as a drug dealer and Nesbit‘s boyfriend.

Stanley was killed early June 12, 2011, at a party at 730 Bridge St. that quickly turned chaotic after Wells and friends accused the partygoers of stealing a set of rental car keys.

Though Nesbit was cleared in the alleged slashing, she still faces charges in an unrelated case of check forgery.

In that case, she faces one count of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, a felony, and petty larceny, a misdemeanor.

She is accused of passing a forged $901 payroll check at the Eastern Parkway Price Chopper on June 10, 2011 — the day before she threw the party that ended in Stanley’s death, Mueller has noted.

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