Lake George producing big lake trout

I normally do not get many fishing reports from Lake George, but this week, I got several good ones

I normally do not get many fishing reports from Lake George, but this week, I got several good ones that indicate that the lake trout there are biting in the South Basin.

The three anglers, Homer Lang of Burnt Hills, Fred Denefrio of Niskayuna and Doug Underhill of Lake George, all caught a number of big lakers in the past few days.

On one day, Homer and Fred caught and released four lakers that measured from 23-26 inches. The next day, Homer fished alone and caught and released six lakers 23-27 inches long. Two days later, Homer and Doug caught several 24-inchers, and Homer boated a 32-incher that tipped the scales at 14.25 pounds. That one is at the taxidermist’s and will be hung on a wall. Several days later, Doug caught another big laker that measured 31 inches and weighed 11.5 pounds.

The big lakers came on a Moose­look Wobbler, jerking copper line (a technique from the 1940s) in 100 feet of water in the South Basin. The two other lures used were a Flash King and Speedy Shiner. They plan on continuing their lake trout fishing in hopes of hooking up with a bigger one. Could it be that the laker fishing is good because there was very little ice fishing pressure this past winter on Lake George? If this is true, just think how good the ice fishing for perch will be this coming winter.

I am always looking for fishing information on Lake George and welcome anglers, bait and tackle shop owners or guides with information on this great lake to email me the details.

The “Kid’s Catch of the Week” honors go to 5-year-old Seamus DeMauro of Franklin, who according to his grandfather, Russ Lehr of Saratoga Springs, caught a trophy trout recently. Seamus was fishing from a Jon Boat with his dad on the Pepacton Reservoir when he hooked up with a beautiful 15-inch rainbow trout. Nice catch, Seamus.

The bass bite in the 14-mile stretch of water between Stillwater and Schuylerville has come alive, and there has also been some good pike activity. I recently found a school of smallies directly across the river from the Admiral Marine’s boat launch, on both sides of the rocky point. Also, about a half mile north, all along the eastern shoreline, the wacky worm and spider jig (green pumpkin) attracted largemouths tight to the weed edges. Don’t be afraid to pitch to the openings in the weeds. I lost one pitching that I believe was very close to five pounds.

I found largemouth bass scattered along both sides of the river heading north, many of which were tucked in tight to shore under overhanging trees, and both large- and smallmouths on some of the rocky outcrops. The best bass fishing structure on this section of the river is definitely grass, wood and rock, so if you find any spots where these all exist, fish them thoroughly.

The pike bites I got, three of them, were in the creek leading to Coveville Marina (west side of river). One 24-incher came on a spinnerbait in the middle of the creek, the other two were on Chatter Baits pulled quickly over the weeds. Keep this lure moving quickly, use a steel leader and stiff rod if you want to keep them hooked and pulled out of this heavy cover. I didn’t take my own advice, in terms of the wire leader, and lost two lures one of which I believe was hooked to a 30-incher.

Rose Blodgett at Saratoga Tackle told me that she had an angler come into the shop three times in one day and buy crayfish. He told her that the bass were “biting like crazy.” I know from a number of Saratoga Lake anglers I spoke with during the week that there are still plenty of 11⁄2- to 21⁄2-pound largemouths biting there all the time on a variety of plastic baits.

The weekly afternoon Saratoga Lake tournament catches are up and down, in terms of weight. Last week, the winning weight in the Tuesday evening Saratoga Tackle Bass Challenge was won by Saratoga Springs anglers Mike Schleicher and Tony Piscucci with five bass totaling 10.50 pounds. Wednesday, the South Shore Marina three-bass team tourn­ament took three three pounds per bass to win. What a difference a day makes.

In other tournament news, the Mohawk Valley Anglers Club (MVAC) held its event on Sar­atoga Lake last Saturday, and the 13 teams that competed all weighed in five-bass limits. The winners, Rotterdam anglers Mike Capullo and Noel Mikins, blew away the field with 15.29 pounds, and that included the 4.86-pound tournament lunker. Their catch was worth $271.

Second, with 10.93 pounds, was the Johnstown team of Michele and Randy King. Third, was the Rotterdam team of Reed Poultan and Tim Squires with 10.44 pounds. Second and third places returned $146 and $114, respectively. The winning anglers credited jigs, Senkos, topwater lures and spinner baits for their success.

On Aug. 11, MVAC will host an open team tournament on the Great Sacandaga Lake with takeoff and weigh-in at McMurrays Boat Livery in Broadalbin. Tournament hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and entry fees are $80, plus $5 for launching. Entry fees can be paid the morning of the tournament.

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