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Saratoga Weekend: A sixth-grader’s top 10 picks for summer fun

Since Saratoga summers can get pretty hot, here are some things to do that can help defeat the heat.

Since Saratoga summers can get pretty hot, here are some things to do that can help defeat the heat.

1. I positively love getting ice cream in Saratoga. There are so many different places to get ice cream. In Saratoga, it’s really great because you can get ice cream on any day — hot or not. Try frozen yogurt, a classic sundae, or a plain old one-scoop.

2. Go to the Peerless Pool to cool off, relax by the poolside, or simply to swim. My favorite part: the winding waterslides.

3. Even for adults, the Saratoga Carousel in Congress Park brings endless joy. The stunning horses seem to glide around their wooden home as the circus-type music brings happiness to all.

4. The delight of being able to picnic in Saratoga is nothing short of wondrous. Choose any place in any park, and I promise that the serenity and stillness will amaze you.

5. Biking through the Saratoga Spa State Park is something that almost anybody can do. The park is open any time you would want to go biking. The park is also a place where you can take a walk and just relax. My favorite thing to do: gliding slowly through the park on a late-afternoon ride.

6. Walking downtown. It’s kind of underestimated. It can be a really fun, relaxing thing to do if you have nothing else to. There are plenty of shops and restaurants there. I could spend an entire day downtown.

7. While this also might be something to do while picnicking, it’s still fun to do all on its own: Duck watching. It may seem dull, but our Saratoga ducks have a whole lot of spunk. The ducklings are really fun to watch also. I have watched the ducks since I was little, and it never gets old.

8. Sometimes, on a really sweltering day, I’ll even go to the library. Hop into one of their super-comfy chairs with a good book and it’s almost impossible to get out.

9. Saratoga Performing Arts Center is just something you have to experience. The ballet is my favorite. Everyone dresses sort of fancy to go there. At SPAC, there’s something for everyone. Rock concerts, ballet, and orchestra.

10. Porches. Porches are a big thing in Saratoga. Lots of people have big porches and most of the time, they’ll be out on their porches. This has to be one of the favorite things to do in the summer. There’s nowhere you have to be. You have nothing to do except relax.

Bella Reed, 11, is going into sixth grade at Maple Avenue Middle School in Saratoga Springs.

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