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McDonald’s war chest dwarfs Marchione’s

Available cash continues to separate incumbent Roy McDonald and Kathy Marchione in their fight for t

Available cash continues to separate incumbent Roy McDonald and Kathy Marchione in their fight for the Republican nomination in the 43rd Senate District.

The 11-day pre-primary campaign finance filings, which were made available on the New York State Board of Elections website Tuesday, revealed that McDonald, R-Saratoga, spent five times more and raised almost four times as much as Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione. The expenditures date back into the middle of July and the fund raising numbers begin in the middle of August.

McDonald has enjoyed strong fund raising since his vote in favor of same-sex marriage last summer, when he set personal records and entered 2012 with a war chest of about $500,000. After raising about $51,000 in the last 20 days and spending almost $250,000 in about 40 days, his fund is down to about $165,000. Campaign spokesman Michael Veitch said they have been using their expenditures to display McDonald’s record of job creation, lowering taxes and helping businesses. Their goal is to get people to vote on Primary Day, Sept. 13.

It is not clear, though, how much of that can be used for the Republican primary race, with just more than a week left.

Marchione’s campaign ended this latest period with about $32,000 to spend on the final stretch, after she raised about $14,000 and spent about $41,000 during this last reporting period.

Marchione spokesman Ken Girardin said her campaign didn’t feel outgunned and he was confident his candidate was getting her message out. Noting that their campaign has embraced Marchione’s efficient style as county clerk, he added, “If you don’t have a winning message, it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at it.”

Girardin was also critical of McDonald’s largest expenditure, which was $108,000 on television advertisements through the lobby group SKD Knickerbocker. He said they have a liberal background and that using their services called into question McDonald’s values.

“Choosing a Democratic consulting firm speaks volumes,” he said.

Veitch said the choice of SKD Knickerbocker was simple because they’re local, easy to work with and competent.

Marchione is also vying for the Conservative Party nomination. She is forcing a primary challenge for Conservative Ed Gilbert, who has not indicated any campaign expenditures or fund raising in his financial filings.

McDonald is unopposed for the Independence Party nomination.

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