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Marketing firm move into former Saratoga Borders building is official

FingerPaintMarketing has officially announced they will be taking over the former Borders building o

FingerPaintMarketing, Inc. has announced that they will be taking over the former Borders building on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

In a news release on its website earlier today, the firm confirms speculation that it will sign a 10-year lease at the now vacant location. As part of the move, the firms said it will be expanding its company beyond its 42 employees now. In the next three years, FingerPaintMarketing expects to add 40 to 60 new employees.

“We are thrilled to be in a position to lease such a significant piece of property in downtown Saratoga Springs. We’re a hometown, employee-owned company, and this move will allow our staff to work right in the heart of the city,” notes Ed Mitzen, FingerPaint’s founder, in a statement

As part of the lease, FingerPaint will take over the popular adjacent parking lot. The lot will be used by charity organizations on select nights and weekends to raise money.

Additionally, renovations are planned in the near future so that FingerPaint can move in to the site early next year.

“We have been very blessed to be able to give back to so many local charities since we were founded in 2008. The parking lot will provide us with another vehicle to help non-profits, pun intended.” said Mitzen.

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