Mohawk provides paper products for debate

Monday night’s presidential debate at Lynn University in Florida may not have settled the presidenti
A look inside Mohawk Paper’s facility in Cohoes.
A look inside Mohawk Paper’s facility in Cohoes.

Monday night’s presidential debate at Lynn University in Florida may not have settled the presidential election, but one area paper company hopes it goes a long way toward settling which paper to use.

Mohawk, a paper company based in Cohoes, provided much of the paper stock used to help put on Monday night’s debate at Lynn University, called in to help by one of the sponsors of the debate, a printer and copier company called Océ.

While Mohawk’s paper may not have been seen on the broadcast itself, its paper was the basis for much of the behind-the-scenes workings of the contest, including campus maps, guidebooks, programs, decals and press kits.

“When the offer came to us to be a part of it, we kind of jumped at it,” said Mohawk project manager Joe Schember. “It’s pretty historic.”

Schember said Mohawk saw the opportunity as one to participate in the process, but also as an opportunity to show its wares. In addition to premium digital papers, the company provides synthetic materials and pressure-sensitive labels.

Each piece includes Océ’s logo, as well as Mohawk’s. Océ got to show off its printers while Mohawk got to show off its papers, Schember said. Both donated their services.

Mohawk’s products were used for printed booklets for viewing parties around the Lynn University campus.

Campus maps for visitors were printed on a polyester-type material, making the maps waterproof.

Posters and press releases were printed on some of Mohawk’s stocks, Schember said, as well as the press kits given out to the journalists covering the event.

“If you look at the whole kit, it’s a nice real-world example of how people can use our stocks,” Schember said, “and use them in a way that showcases the best things.”

Schember noted the company has gotten involved in many other educational events, but he believes this is the first time they’ve helped out with a debate.

“We’re pretty happy to be able to be brought into that,” Schember said, “and be able to showcase and essentially show our papers and different materials off to a pretty national audience of the attendees and press going to the event.”

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