Anonymous donor to police is found, but chooses anonymity

The unidentified woman who gave a $1,000 Christmas present to a state police trooper has been identi

The woman who anonymously handed a holiday card and $1,000 cash to a New York State Police trooper last week has been located by police.

On Dec. 2, Trooper Christopher Maniscalco was answering a complaint in Guilderland when he was approached by the anonymous donor. The woman, who handed him a card, said, “Trooper, I always see you around, doing a good job and wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you.”

Maniscalco thanked the woman for her kind words, but it wasn’t until after his shift that he opened the card and discovered it contained $1,000 in cash.

State law forbids the police from accepting a gift like this, so they actively searched for the woman who gave the gift. She has now come forward and been positively identified by Maniscalco as the woman who gave him the card.

The money was returned to her, but she then donated the full sum to the Stewart’s Holiday Match program.

State Police, at the request of the donor, will not be releasing her name.

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