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Driver might face charges in crash that killed 3

Authorities are trying to determine whether an erratic driver will face charges after his van crashe

Authorities are trying to determine whether an erratic driver will face charges after his van crashed head-on into a car with two women inside, killing them both and one of their children on Route 67 Sunday evening.

Tanya Sleight, 33, and Chyara Concepcion, 39, were both pronounced dead at the scene. A third person — 9-year-old Elijah Sleight — was brought to the Albany Medical Center Hospital, where officials confirmed he died Monday.

Sleight’s two other young children — 2-year-old Naomi and 7-year-old Matthew — survived the crash. One was brought to Albany Med, where she remained in critical condition Monday; the other was treated for minor injuries at St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam.

Montgomery County Sheriff Michael Amato did not return calls to his office and later refused to discuss the case when contacted at home. Limited details, however, have emerged in reports from the scene in the town of Amsterdam.

Investigators received a 911 emergency call for a van driving erratically in the area of Route 67. Moments later, the eastbound van driven by 68-year-old David Bain crossed into the westbound lane, colliding with the victims’ vehicle.

“It was a head-on collision, the cars were pretty smashed up,” Montgomery County Coroner Joseph Riley said. “The two women either died on impact or very quickly afterward.”

Bain was also taken to St. Mary’s for treatment of minor injuries and blood alcohol testing. Just a few hours after the accident, the stretch of Route 67 near Bill’s Auto Parts was cleared of the smashed vehicles.

All that remained Monday morning was windshield glass scattered like rock salt on the hard shoulder and some bits of car swept off into the grass. Far back in the ditch, a rear-view mirror still adorned with a tangled plastic rosary sat in the mud and leaves.

Susan Stoya, the director of secondary instruction at the Greater Amsterdam School District, said two of the children attended Marie Curie Elementary School. “It’s a tragedy,” she said.

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