‘Let it snow, man!’

With most Capital Region students home from school today, two Gazette reporters and an editor decide

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Snow day?


With most Capital Region students home from school today, two Gazette reporters and an editor decided to have a snow day of their own.

We didn’t call in sick, but rather finally acted on a group dare to build a snowman. We’ve been joking about doing it all winter. So at high noon, Kathleen Moore, Kelly de la Rocha and I donned winter gear, trudged out to the front of the building and went to work — make that play.

And now there he is, the newest member of the Gazette family, proudly greeting cars passing by on Maxon Road Extension. He’s a rather handsome fellow, if we do say so ourselves, about 5-foot-6, though he could stand to lose a little weight and he’s got jaundiced eyes.

We had a ball bringing him to life. In fact, in a matter of minutes, we’d constructed the requisite three balls — base, midsection and head. Kathleen and Kelly were impressed at how quickly I whipped the base together and kept it so round. They soon hoisted their well-constructed pieces of the project onto mine, and voila! our own version of Frosty.

Since he’s now working as a Gazette ambassador, we let him borrow my company T-shirt. Kelly and Kathleen adorned him with twiggy arms scrounged last night from Kelly’s back yard.

Kelly also raided her fruit bowl for a couple of clementines (the jaundiced eyes). A tiny carrot nose was donated from the lunch of assignment editor Miles Reed, and Kathleen — winner of the builders’ best hat competition — dipped into a jug of buttons she’d brought. We punched those into a mouth. Finally a baseball hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. The sun? Yeah, scratch that.

When done, Kelly and Kathleen cheered “Let it snow!” As for me, a fan of baseball and warm weather, I told the new guy, “I hope you’re gone in a few days.”

That said, I — like Kathleen and Kelly — had a blast making him. I figure if it’s gonna snow, you might as well play in it.

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