Many ways to abuse an animal – and stop it

Many people do not realize that animal abuse is a major crime. To some people, animals are not as im
Darcy Ryan
Darcy Ryan

Many people do not realize that animal abuse is a major crime. To some people, animals are not as important as humans. If someone abused a human, should the punishment be any different than if someone abused an animal?

When people see an animal being abused, most of the time they do not know what to do or who to call. If we work together, we can stop all kinds of animal abuse.

People can abuse animals in many ways. They can neglect to feed an animal, purposely beat an animal, or leave an animal outside in cold temperatures. For instance, a woman named Ann Arnold abused horses by leaving them outside for weeks and not letting them eat or drink.

Many shampoo companies test their products on animals. Also, many people put pit bulls in dogfights for gambling. Animal abuse is a terrible thing that we CAN stop.

You may be thinking, “Who would do this?” Some people abuse animals because they are angry or frustrated, so they take it out on their pets, but the animals can not cry out for help. Other people do it because they simply forget about their pets.

Despite the reasons, people should still be aware of animals. For more information, follow the list below:

1. Know who to call — your local animal shelter.

2. Get to know the animals in your neighborhood.

3. Report when you see someone being cruel to an animal.

4. Give details while making the call.

5. Call the law enforcement department closest to you.

6. Fight to prevent this awful act.

7. Talk to younger kids about how to treat animals nicely.

8. If you have pets, set a good example with them by taking care of them.

9. Support your local shelter.

10. Start a program on preventing animal abuse.

Animals are no different than people. Because they do not have opposable thumbs or cannot speak our language, they can come across as stupid. Help prevent animal abuse because it is wrong.

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