UAlbany softball players are great role models

We all know college is hard, but can you imagine playing softball at the same time?
Mariana Abate
Mariana Abate

We all know college is hard, but can you imagine playing softball at the same time?

Brittany MacFawn and Emily Ostrom have been doing it at UAlbany for three years.

Ostrom says, “It’s really fun: It’s a little bit hard because you have to manage your homework, but we get to go really cool places with our best friends.”

Being a college athlete is a large responsibility. Most athletes quit because they can’t handle all of the work. Also, practices are longer and games are more intense.

MacFawn and Ostrom are brave players because they have been doing it since they were freshmen.

When you play softball, it’s not just practices and short games: You also have tournaments with many teams. You’re definitely a little bit nervous “because there is a lot of pressure, but it’s also really exciting because you know you have a big opportunity to do something cool,” Ostrom said.

Pressure definitely hasn’t held these two back. In 2012, MacFawn was the American East Pitcher of the Week three times. She also was the Pitcher of the Year! Ostrom has a .091 batting average (because she didn’t bat much in games), and she got a terrific double that won against the University of Maryland.

MacFawn and Ostrom are my role models because they are not just able to manage all of the work, but because they are fantastic team players. They are fantastic team players because they show great sportsmanship and care for others before themselves. UAlbany is lucky to have such amazing players!

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