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The Big Brothers Big Sisters program sets high hopes and assurances in becoming something great for
Alexandra Daily
Alexandra Daily

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program sets high hopes and assurances in becoming something great for troubled kids. There is a particular way for how a Big Brother or Sister becomes a Big Brother or Sister, and how a troubled kid becomes a part of the program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters takes little steps leading to big impacts, such as their success in education and the avoidance of risky behavior for kids who don’t know better.

For a Big Brother or Sister to become part of the arrangement, they must have an acceptable background and go through specific interviews. A Big Brother or Sister is paired with a troubled child by each of their locations, personalities and preferences. They find children in almost 370 different communities and focus on children who are living in a single-parent home, growing up in poverty or coping with parents who are spending time in jail or prison.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters curriculum matches kids with adults who would be good role models, so the kids have less of a chance to skip school or use illegal drugs or alcohol. Their School-Based Mentoring program is carried out by public and private ventures to help kids have a higher chance of getting into college. Doing better in school and in life is a result of kids staying out of trouble because of the adult influence.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program started in 1904 when Ernest Coulter of New York found more and more boys entering the courtroom. He saw other adults helping the boys out, which grew the idea to gather volunteers and start the Big Brothers movement. At the same time, the Ladies of Charity were aiding girls coming from the New York Children’s Court. This group later became the Catholic Big Sisters. In 1977, the two groups joined forces and became known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Big Brothers Big Sisters currently operates in all 50 states and 12 countries. In Dane County, they served 750 kids in one year. Also in 2010, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star served 10,000 children.

With the help of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, troubled kids are more confident in their academic achievement and they are able to get along better with their families. Thanks to the program, the kids and the Big Brothers and Sisters have fun learning new experiences and enjoying activities on weekends and evenings.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters alignment is very inspiring and has a huge impact on anyone’s life who wants to be a Big Brother or Sister or who is a kid with a hard life.

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