Uniformity unwarranted in classroom

Does your school insist you wear school uniforms? Mine does.
Rachel DiStefano
Rachel DiStefano

Does your school insist you wear school uniforms? Mine does.

Some people say wearing school uniforms can prevent bullying. People also say it can prevent worrying about wearing the latest trend, but those people would not want to be forced into wearing the same outfit every day. School can be boring enough. We don’t need to be forced into wearing boring clothes, as well.

People say that uniforms make a school stand out. My school has a great basketball team, track team, and many other outstanding teams and people. Our academic and athletic success will stand out on its own.

I wouldn’t mind wearing a school uniform as much if we had more days where we did not have to wear a school uniform. Simple things like “dress down days” will make wearing school uniforms a lot better. We could also have days where we could honor our teams that do so well and have the whole school dress in blue and gold.

Do you live far away from your school? You aren’t the only one. Some people live very far from the school that they attend. Those people will argue that uniforms will make it simpler to know what you are going to wear in the morning, but if you choose your outfit the night before or early in the morning, you will feel prepared and ready for school, while being comfortable.

Wearing a school uniform may seem like it makes life easier, but in my opinion, the easy road is not worth the unpleasantness. It is very unpleasant to be wearing clothes you aren’t comfortable in. Sometimes your school uniform is very uncomfortable compared to what you wear at home and around the house, At your house, you can always change the temperature to suit your needs, but at school you are stuck with whatever temperature the school decides. Sometimes your uniform is too hot in the summer and not warm enough in the winter.

School uniforms can even make some field trips unpleasant. When you go on a field trip, you want to wear whatever feels comfortable. Sometimes you are forced to wear your uniform and when everyone around you is dressed in jeans and T-shirts, it is not fun.

Yet another positive of not wearing school uniforms is that students will be able to have the ability to express themselves through what they wear. Students are creative even with uniforms, but the uniforms make everyone look alike. Students should be able to stand out and be their own person. How can they truly do that while they are blending in with the people around them? And if the “creativity” gets carried away or becomes too extreme, schools can create certain guidelines to make sure inappropriate clothing is not worn.

Imagine how much happier students would be if they had the freedom to wear what they want. Also, students would be a lot happier if they were wearing their own clothes. Most school uniforms not only lack comfort, they lack functionality, too. When you are doing a science experiment with hot liquids and you accidentally spill the liquids on your legs, a skirt won’t help. But, if you are wearing a pair of jeans or any other pants, you will be fine.

All in all, school uniforms make life unpleasant, boring, and just not fun. Schools should stop insisting that uniforms are worn and let students wear what they want. Students would be a lot happier and would probably want to come to school more often, if they did not have to wear uniforms.

Even if schools decide to keep uniforms, they could include more dress down days. School would be a lot more enjoyable if there were less uniform days.

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