Ban video games, not guns, to curb violence

Although I am against violence and was as horrified as anyone at the recent shooting tragedies, I do
Allison Pijanowski
Allison Pijanowski

Although I am against violence and was as horrified as anyone at the recent shooting tragedies, I do not support all the restrictions on guns being proposed by Gov. Cuomo and President Obama.

President Obama is just going after guns and ammunition. He has not said one word about the unyielding violence children are exposed to in video games and movies. Maybe it is because of all the photo ops and support he gets from the Hollywood elite. Obama has not mentioned the entertainment industry’s responsibility in any of the recent violence. If asked, he may say he doesn’t want to mess with the First Amendment, freedom of speech, yet he seems to have no problem stepping on all of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

I do not play video games, but I have seen them and they are very violent and only getting worse. When someone plays a video game with people getting killed for hours and hours (as we are being told Adam Lanza, the man responsible for the Newtown shooting, did), it has to desensitize a person. Killing another human being is unthinkable to most people. However, maybe killing 50 people a minute in a video game, watching them get shot, blown apart and die, it becomes an extension of the game.

Gov. Cuomo said his SAFE Act would be worth it if it saves one life. Why hasn’t he talked about investigating the effects these games and movies have on people as an option to stop this violence?

Another issue I have with the new gun laws is that Obama’s daughters have armed guards at all times. I realize they are in the public eye more than I am, but they shouldn’t be more important than any other kid. Obama shouldn’t get to pick and choose who the laws apply to and who they do not.

I hate violence. I hope there is never another shooting ever again, but I do not support the way the government is going about changing things, and I do not think their latest ideas will help.

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