Program offers SAFE way for disabled kids to play

Do you know what SAFE stand for? It stand for Sports Are For Everyone.

Do you know what SAFE stand for? It stand for Sports Are For Everyone. SAFE is an organization that helps all children stay active, especially those with disabilities.

Children with physical disabilities go to a gym where volunteers are waiting to teach kids with both physical and mental issues, because no matter who you are, you deserve to do stuff like everyone else. says,”SAFE started in 1992 when Director Jim Fitzgerald came into the world of special needs kids through the back door. Actually it was the front door of an eight-year-old named Kent McCloskey, a physically challenged young boy with muscular dystrophy who befriended his son, Jim.”

Kids who go to the SAFE program have a choice to either learn basketball, bowling, fishing, baseball, golf, or soccer. My cousin John knows how to play a lot of sports, but the one he teaches is basketball. John will usually teach 5- through 10-year-olds. John started teaching when he was a sophomore, and he is now a senior, so he has been teaching for around two years.

John likes to volunteer because it makes the kids happy, and when they smile and laugh, he smiles. All of their facial expressions make him happy. John does not always teach by himself. Sometimes he will teach with other people but will only teach around three children when he is with other people.

He helps the kids by helping them have the correct form when shooting. Also, he helps them dribble the ball and keep their heads up.

John will usually know the kids from the year before. He knows them because children can come over and over again. But every year, more people volunteer and more children come to be taught.

“It’s all about helping the kids and giving back to community,” John said.

Sports Are For Everyone is a good way to volunteer in your community. Trying it would be a nice thing to do. If you like sports or know somebody with special needs, this is something for you to do.

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