Student athletes should be able to drop gym class

My sister wanted to be an engineer. She also wants, loves and is great at art.

My sister wanted to be an engineer. She also wants, loves and is great at art.

Her teacher said she was going to be recommended to go into advanced sculpture next year. She also needs to take health. She can’t do it all. Where is there time in her schedule?

As a year-round swimmer, my sister gets lots of great exercise, so if she could eliminate physical education class, she could do it all.

Because of gym class, many student athletes can’t take all of the classes they would like to. They have full schedules already and no study hall.

Many jobs require multiple extracurricular classes or activities. Jobs such as integrated design and architecture require skills in art and engineering. Some kids are stuck between classes they have to do and those they want to do.

Counting a sport would be proof of a student’s physical activity. Getting proof would be as simple as getting a coach’s signature. These athletes are probably exercising for one to two hours outside of school. That’s probably more than twice as much as in gym class.

My school offers a summer class for health in case a student doesn’t have time in their schedule during the school year. Students who take band, chorus, art or other electives also have this problem — they might not have time to take health during the school year. My sister could take health in the summer, but I don’t think she or other students should have to do summer classes; they already work hard enough during the school year and need the down time.

Ultimately, I think athletes should be exempt from physical education class. It helps them do what they want and need.

I understand that it’s New York state’s decision, not the schools, but if you know an athlete who would benefit from other courses, it doesn’t hurt to bring it up to the teachers or board of education at your school. I did. There’s always that chance, like that risky throw or pitch, shot or pass, that it might get you noticed.

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