Kids should try out sports: They might enjoy them

Trying out for a sport or active activity is a great way to stay fit and healthy.
Meghan O’Connor
Meghan O’Connor

Trying out for a sport or active activity is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

There is an activity for everyone’s interest. I think everyone should be able to try out or sign up for a sport, even if they aren’t sure if they would really like it or not. They should just try it for the experience; they could see what it’s like, and if they do like it, that could be a new hobby for them. Who knows: Maybe they could even make a career of it someday.

Being involved in a sport gives kids these days something to do other than sitting in front of the television or computer all day.

The kids who do try out for a sport usually do end up enjoying it, probably because they like being active, being with their friends or just because it gives them something to do. It gives kids a chance to make new friends or talk to the ones that they haven’t seen in a while.

A lot can come out of a sport. It can teach you how to stay under control and to work with others well.

I have played a variety of sports, and I am glad that I signed up for the ones even when I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Now every year I look forward to the season starting.

Specific sports begin in a specific season. So if you weren’t positive that you would really want to be involved, you could choose a sport or activity that wouldn’t last as long as others.

People who didn’t get involved in a sport or activity when they were younger are now sorry because they may not be as fit as they would be if they had. So I would highly recommend kids getting out and getting fit while they have the time and before it’s too late. You will be glad you did.

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