Athletics can give students fighting chance in class

As you drive home, you go over every play that happened in your head. What a great game it was! Your
Katie Alderisio
Katie Alderisio

As you drive home, you go over every play that happened in your head. What a great game it was! Your whole team played so well, and now you just want to go home and relax. And thankfully, you can do that.

It was a good choice to finish that big assignment early. Because you are a student-athlete, you know that you need to get your work done ahead of time.

Games and practices can take up a lot of time during a student-athlete’s week. However, learning to work ahead and manage your time can help you in the future.

Does playing a sport help keep students on track with their academics? “Definitely,” said Mrs. Michele Musto, the assistant principal at the Academy of the Holy Names. “Students have to have incredible time management skills, and they know that if their grades slip, the school works closely with their coach.”

When students are busy, they have to be well-organized and spend their free time wisely to get their work done by the deadline assigned, Mrs. Musto said.

Student-athletes themselves say sports have a positive effect on their grades. Morgan Percy, a student athlete at AHN, said that playing on a team keeps her to be more organized.

“When I am playing a sport, I only have a certain amount of time to do homework, which makes me do it faster,” she said. “I also get better grades because I know I have to do well in school to stay on the team.”

Another student, Alivia O’Hagan, added that, “You don’t have as much free time, so you use all your time wisely.”

Student-athlete Mary Fritz added that sports can also help you release your stress after a long day at school, which is good for your health, as well.

Playing sports and getting good grades is something that colleges look for in the application process, as well. According to Mrs. Helen Spiro, the director of college counseling at the Academy of the Holy Names, colleges like to see well-rounded students.

“It is important to have a balance outside of the classroom,” Mrs. Spiro said, adding that colleges like to see students who maintain a high grade-point average while balancing extracurricular activities.

Mrs. Julie Foley, a physical education teacher at the Academy of the Holy Names, believes that you can learn life lessons from playing sports during school. Mrs. Foley thinks that playing sports and working to achieve good grades can help you to “budget and organize your life, as well as prepare you for home and family life.”

Making good habits for yourself is an important tool to use throughout your whole life.

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