High school track: Urys wins, tries to help friend

Winning wasn’t Jake Urys’ sole objective at Saturday’s Johnstown Invitational. The Mekeel Christian

Winning wasn’t Jake Urys’ sole objective at Saturday’s Johnstown Invitational. The Mekeel Christian Academy senior wanted to help his neighbor out, too.

“Before every race, we talk and go through a plan. While we were going over things, he said he wanted to set the school record,” Urys said of Mayfield/Northville 12th-grader Tom McClellan. “As distance runners, we all have a connection. We all want each other to do good.”

So Urys tried to do a good deed for his buddy, setting a lead pace in the 1,600-meter run at Knox Field.

“We go in and work together. You take me through. I’ll take you through. That kind of thing. We have a game plan,” McClellan said. “We’re like teammates, but not on the same team.”

Though their schools are miles apart, Urys and McClellan live on the same street in Gloversville.

“This past summer, we were talking online, and he goes, ‘I’m living with my mom in Gloversville,’ and it was so weird,” said McClellan. “We’ve known each other for a long time, and now we live next door to each other. Since then, we’ve gone on some runs together and become closer friends.”

And running allies, although both of the fierce competitors said that at the end of a race, it’s up for grabs.

“You’re going to try to win,” said Urys. “We run to win.”

With these guys, though, there’s usually a game within the game going on.

“Jake rode Tommy at Marsh-Galotta last week,” said Mekeel coach Chris Mancuso. “Jake tried to help him out today.”

Urys closed in 4:22.69 to win the 1,600 after a runner-up effort in the race at Johnstown in 2012. McClellan came up short in his record bid, but placed second with a time of 4:28.62 on a cool, overcast day.

Kaushik Pilar of Christian Brothers Academy was third (4:36.33).

“Last week, I ran 4:24.7 [at Middleburgh’s Marsh-Galotta meet] and the school record is 4:24 flat. I was not even a second off, and I wanted it today. We talked about going fast, but it was just not my day,” said McClellan. “I’m trying to be optimistic when I say I think it’s going to happen sometime.”

“He’s a good athlete,” Mancuso said of the Iona-bound McClellan. “He’s wanted that record. I’d like to see him get it.”

Though Urys edged McClellan for the Marsh-Galotta 1,600 title and again in Saturday’s race, the friendly rivalry between the Western Athletic Conference runners hasn’t been all one way. McClellan beat Urys for the WAC cross country championship last fall, and placed second, one spot ahead of Urys, at the Section II Class D meet.

“In cross country, he kicked my butt pretty good up until last season. I had a good senior year and ran well in a lot of invitationals,” McClellan said. “But in a meet like today, in the 800 or mile, it’s a little different. He’s got so much speed. He has amazing speed.”

Urys won a dramatic duel with Fonda-Fultonville’s Matt Hoffman in the 800, making a late move in the back-and-forth race to take the lead for good. Urys was clocked in 1:56.66, an area-best for the season, and Hoffman finished in 1:57.66.

“I got boxed in a little and I didn’t get out fast enough. I relied on my kick,” said Urys, who will attend Mount Olive in North Carolina. “He took the lead with 250 left, and I got by him with 100 left.”

Hoffman won the 3,200 (9:37.56), and Fonda-Fultonville got another victory from Mike Sweet in the 110 hurdles (15.72), just clipping Cobleskill-Richmondville’s Nate Gerhardt (15.79).

Amsterdam sophomore David Graveley turned in a fantastic comeback to claim the 400 hurdles in a personal-best 59.33.

“Halfway through, I was in last, and I was thinking, that’s where I’m going to finish,” he said. “With two hurdles to go it was me and this kid.”

Tom Dwyer of Fonda-Fultonville ran second in 59.79.

“He was about 10 feet in front of me when I went over the last hurdle,” Graveley said. “I kicked it in as hard as I could.”

“He [Graveley] ran 68 last year and 62 in his first race this year,” said Amsterdam coach Kevin Wilary. “He keeps improving.”

Graveley’s performance was part of another team championship for the Amsterdam boys, who scored 137 points to beat Fonda-Fultonville (115) in a repeat from the Schenec­tady Invitational. Amsterdam went 3-for-3 at invitationals this spring — also taking first at Niskayuna — and went 8-0 in the Big 10 to capture the flag.

“We are very well-rounded from the mile and two-mile down to the sprints, and our field events are good,” said Amsterdam senior Brett Stanavich, who placed third in the 100 and 400 and ran legs on triumphant 400 and 1,600 relays. “We’ve got a good all-around team.”

Nick Raponi, Matt Raponi, Anthony Stewart and John Hardies joined for a win in the 3,200 relay (8:10.74), and set an Amsterdam record in the process.

“It’s something they’ve been striving for,” said Wilary. “They’ve come close. Today they got it.”

Sophomore Izaiah Brown had another impact meet for the Rams with wins in the 200 (22.53), 400 (48.39) and high jump (5-10). He also anchored a meet-closing win in the 1,600 relay (3:36.60) after runs by Graveley, Stanavich and Hardies.

“I just wanted to help the team get a win today,” said Brown.

Luis Laboy copped the long jump (20-21⁄2), Omahri Sturdivant set an Amsterdam freshman record in a winning triple jump performance (41-101⁄4) and the two joined with Ryan Farley and Stanavich for first in the 400 relay (45.88).

Don Thorington of Cobleskill-Richmondville won the discus (138-1) and shot put (51-81⁄2).

Among the girls’ highlights, Leah Triller clocked the area’s fastest 800 this spring (2:12.28) in a bid for Liz Maloy’s school record of 2:08.84 set in 2003. Triller’s teammate, Lydia Williams, was second (2:19.63).

“I see it [the record] every day at school. I was one second off last year, and I wanted to get it today,” said Triller. “Halfway through, I knew I wasn’t running fast enough. I just need a little more compet­ition. They push me.”

Holy Names had another big day on the track, with Mikaila Ford winning the 100 (12.84), Kaitlin Close taking the 400 (58.38), Estela Smith running first in the 1,500 (4:59.84), Catherine Maloy dominating in the 3,000 (10:00.56) with an area season best, and Jacqueline Willsey winning the steeplechase (7:18.35).

Ford is beginning to make a name for herself as Holy Names’ new 100 specialist. The Siena-bound senior won the event at last week’s Col­onie Relays.

“We dropped her down from the two and the four because we needed her,” said Holy Names coach Carlo Cherubino. “She’s doing well.”

“When I was a freshman and sophomore, we had Klarissa Ricks. Last year, I ran it in duals to work on speed. My first time doing it in a real meet was at Colonie, and I got third,” said Ford. “When coach asked if I wanted to run the 100 all the time, I said, ‘Why not?’ I don’t mind it. It’s fun.”

Keishorea Armstrong of Emma Willard won the high jump (5-4) and helped the Jesters take the 400 relay (51.37).

Maple Hill (107) won the team title, with Holy Names (83) second.


Team scores: Amsterdam 137, Fonda-Fultonville 115, Maple Hill 71, Albany Academy 51, Cobleskill-Richmondville 49, Mayfield/Northville 42, Johnstown 37, CBA 30, Mekeel Christian Academy 25, Broadalbin-Perth 21, Taconic Hills 8, Middleburgh 1

100 — Austen Zeh (AA) 11.52; Luis Laboy (Ams) 11.57; Brett Stanavich (Ams) 11.58. 200 — Izaiah Brown (Ams) 22.53; Austin Ellis (CBA) 23.38; Nick Markowsky (CBA) 23.82. 400 — Izaiah Brown (Ams) 48.39l Devlin Bahruth (J) 51.79; Brett Stanavich (Ams) 52.81. 800 — Jake Urys (MCA) 1:56.66; Matt Hoffman (Fon) 1:57.66; John Hardies (Ams) 1:59.27. 1600 — Jake Urys (MCA) 4:22.69; Tom McClellan (M/N) 4:28.62; Kaushik Pilar (CBA) 4:36.33. 3200 — Matt Hoffman (Fon) 9:37.56; Jordan Healy (MH) 9:43.80; James Westman (Fon) 10:10.08.

110 hurdles — Michael Sweet (Fon) 15.72; Nate Gerhardt (Cob) 15.79; David Graveley (Ams) 16.56. 400 hurdles — David Graveley (Ams) 59.33; Tom Dwyer (Fon) 59.79; Michael Sweet (Fon) 1:00.98. 400 relay — Amsterdam (Ryan Farley, Omahri Sturdivant, Luis Laboy, Brett Stanavich) 45.88; Maple Hill 46.50; Mayfield/Northville 47.52. 1600 relay — Amsterdam (David Graveley, Brett Stanavich, John Hardies, Izaiah Brown) 3:36.80; Fonda-Fultonville 3:40.11; Johnstown 3:40.63. 3200 relay — Amsterdam (Nick Rapoli, Matt Raponi, Anthony Stewart, John Hardies) 8;10.74; Fonda-Fultonville 8:25.14; Maple Hill 8;47.41.

High jump — Izaiah Brown (Ams) 5-10; Roscoe Quint (MH) 5-8; Robert Jones (AA) 5-8. Long jump — Luis Laboy (Ams) 20-21⁄2; Todd Briggs (M/N) 18-113⁄4; Brandon Smith (M/N) 18-81⁄4. Triple jump — Omahri Sturdivant (Ams) 41-101⁄4; Mike Visco (BP) 40-1; Renee Hoffman (MH) 39-10. Shot put — Don Thorington (Cob) 51-81⁄2; Kyle Guiffre (Fon) 47-31⁄2; Alexei Buchanan (AA) 47-31⁄4. Discus — Don Thorington (Cob) 138-1; Pierre LaPort (BP) 124-10; Alexei Buchanan (AA) 123-0. Pole vault — Robert Jones (AA) 12-0; Brandon Spaid (J) 11-6; Ryan Park (Fon) 11-0. Pentathlon — Zach Haskin (Cob) 2,777; Jacob Davis (MH) 2,766; Joe Fox (Fon) 2,622. 3000 steeplechase — Jordan Healy (MH) 10:24.55; Justin Miller (TH) 10:34.55; James Westman (Fon) 10:34.87.


Team scores: Maple Hill 107, Holy Names 83, New Hartford 72, Emma Willard 65, Amsterdam 56, Fonda-Fultonville 50, Middleburgh 48, Albany Academy 28, Cobleskill-Richmondville 26, Johnstown 20, Broadalbin-Perth 14, Mekeel Christian Academy 10, Taconic Hills 4, Mayfield/Northville 3, Albany Leadership School 2.

100 — Mikaila Ford (HN) 12,82; Kristin Steede (EW) 13.18; Amara Steenburn (AA) 13.19. 200 — Kelly Paris (Ams) 27.03; Sarah Freiss (MH) 27.32; Calley Lawyer (Mid) 27.36. 400 — Kaitlin Close (HN) 58.38; Stephanie Boucher (NH) 1:00.28; Kelly Paris (Ams) 1:01.75. 800 — Leah Triller (HN) 2:12.28; Lydia Williams (HN) 2:19.63; Megan Otatti (Ams) 2:20.16. 1500 — Estela Smith (HN) 4:59.84; Kelly Pasko (MH) 5:08.29; Kim Wrate (NH) 5:15.59. 3000 — Catherine Maloy (HN) 10:00.56; Kelly Pasko (MH) 10:23.13; Emily Acker (AA) 11:21.50.

100 hurdles — Lindsay Therrien (Fon) 16:23; Carissa O’Brien (J) 16.97; Abby Hines (MH) 17.57. 400 hurdles — Katie Mercurio (MH) 1:08.25; Anna Curtin (MJ) 1:11.27; Julia Galasso (AA) 1:12.70. 400 relay — Emma Willard (Mikayla Curtin, Pascale Stain, Kristin Steede, Keishorea Armstrong) 51.37; Amsterdam 52.58; Maple Hill 53.53. 1600 relay — Middleburgh (Carley Ryan, Calley Lawyer, Courtney Paser, Amanda Roney) 4:14.60; Amsterdam 4:20.25; Johnstown 4:24.22. 3200 relay — Maple Hill (Anna Curtin, Kelly Healy, Kelly Pasko, Hannah Riordan) 10:12.36; Cobleskill-Richmondvillle 10:26.18; Middleburgh 10;28.41.

High jump — Keishorea Armstrong (EW) 5-4; Amanda Roney (Mid) 5-2; Maya Hammonds (NH) 5-2. Long jump —Shannon McCormnick (MH) 16-11⁄4; Amanda Roney (Mid) 16- 3⁄4; Keishorea Armstrong (EW) 15-7. Triple jump — Lauryn Krupa (MH) 33-51⁄4; Maya Hammonds (NH) 32-101⁄2; Shannon McCormick (MH) 32-63⁄4. Shot put —Anna Smith (BP) 34-9; Whitney Martuscello (Fon)) 32-4; Shania Marotta (Mid) 32-2. Discus — Acacia Larson (EW) 112-9; Whitney Martuscello (Fon) 104-11; Camryn Savoie (Fon) 100-7. Pole vault — Rebekah Hentnik (Fon) 8-6; Celene Nitti (NH) 7-6; Kaitlyn Devine (Ams) 7-0. Pentathlon — Lauren VanWagoner (NH) 2,270; Emily Taplin (MCA) 1,549; Natalie Dunn (EW) 1,462. 2000 steeplechase — Jacqueline Willsey (HN) 7:18.35; Courtney Breiner (EW) 7:50.29; Hannah Riordan (MH) 8:06.34.


The hosts won both the boys’ and girls’ titles, with the Spartans edging Scotia-Glenville by four points for the boys’ team championship.

Tre Porter (200, triple jump) and Matt Manda (400, 3200 relay) doubled for Scotia, with Eric Denny (high jump) and Dennis Turner (long jump) also placing first.

Nikari Carota (both hurdles, 400 relay) had a hand in three wins, and Megan Kellogg (800, 1500) doubled for the Queensbury girls, who easily won their title.

Scotia’s Megan McGillycuddy won the high jump, and Glens Falls had two double winners in sprinter Miranda Haraughty and weight thrower Zoe Doolittle.


Team scores: Queensbury 1341⁄2, Scotia-Glenville 1301⁄2, Mount Anthony (Vt.) 76, Glens Falls 75, Schuylerville 61, South Glens Falls 471⁄2, Gloversville 391⁄2, Greenwich 39, Plattsburgh 34, Lake George 261⁄2, Voorheesville 16, Seton Catholic 14, Ticonderoga 13, Whitehall 91⁄2, Hudson Falls 8, AuSable Valley 6, Saranac Lake 4, Hoosic Valley 3, Beekmantown 2, Peru 2.

100 —Dave Slattery (Q) 11.45; Joe Hermey (Q) 11.75; Joe Barber (Sch) 11.79. 200 — Tre Porter (Sco) 23.44; Joe Hermey (Q) 23.5; Ben Seward (MA) 23.48. 400 — Matt Manda (Sco) 52.54; Andy Seward (MA) 52.98; Heath Armstrong (GF) 53.21. 800 — Andrew Brandmeyer (MA) 2:03.29; Troy Kelly (Q) 2:04.67; Joe Nichols (GF) 2:05.87. Mile — Jeremy Spezio (Gre) 4:17.89; Marc Brandmeyer (MA) 4:31.47; Troy Kelly (Q) 4:35.99. 3,200 — Jeriqho Gadway (Pla) 9;42.60; Mitchell Ryan (SC) 9:49.37; Evan Page (SC) 10:01.49.

110 hurdles — Jon Polen (MA) 14.98; Max Comer (Sch) 15.11; Justice Spears (GF) 15.24. 400 hurdles — Max Comer (Sch) 55.93; Matthew Rivera (Glv) 57.94; Justice Spears (GF) 59.55. 400 relay — Queensbury (Joe Hermey, ric Paige, Dave Slattery, Aaron Stone) 45.47; Scotia-Glenville 45.70; Mount Anthony 46.38. 1,600 relay — Mount Anth­ony (Andy Seward, Andrew Brandmeyer, Brad Myers, Ben Seward) 3:32.04; Scotia-Glenville 3:32.05; Lake George 3:40.91. 3,200 relay — Scotia-Glenville (Martin Dearaway, Matt Forshey. Grant Norton, Matt Manda) 8:19.81; Mount Anthony 8;28.32; Queensbury 8:56.15.

High jump — Eric Denny (Sco) 6-0; Zach Napes (Q) 6-0; Keyshawn Arnold (Glv) 5-8. Long jump — Dennis Turner (Sco) 20-43⁄4; Jonas Miller (Pla) 19-33⁄4; Heath Armstrong (GF) 19-11⁄2. Triple jump — Tre Porter (Sco) 42-5 3⁄4; Lucas Whitehouse (Gre) 42-1 3⁄4; Dan Omicinski (Sco) 40-11 1⁄2. Shot put — Will McFee (Gre) 53-1; Anthony Santoro (SGF) 47-7 1⁄4; Garth Benway (AV) 47-21⁄2. Discus — Willl McFee (Gre) 164-8; Dave Slattery (Q) 147-3; Anthony Santoro (SGF) 130-1. Pole vault — Mike Kenny (GF) 13-0; Dennis Turner (Sco) 12-0; Aaron Stone (Q) 12-0.

Pentathlon _ Ben Baker (Q) 2,566; Deviin Sweenor (SGF) 2,471; Dominic Taylor (Sch) 2.423. 3000 steeplechase — Matt Watson (Sch) 10:20.49; Adam Sleezer (Glv) 10:25.74; Matt Forshey (Sco) 10:49.83.


Team scores: Queensbury 153.9, Mount Anthony 79.5, Glens Falls 65, Greenwich 53, Beekmantown 49, Schuylerville 39.7; Northeastern Clinton 39, Scotia-Glenville 37.4; Gloversville 36.2; South Glens Falls 34.7; Plattsburgh 34. Hudson Falls 32, Seton Catholic 18, Voorheesville 17, Lake George 8, Peru 8, Whitehall 5.5, Hoosic Valley 5, AuSable Valley 3, Ticonderoga 3, Saranac Lake 3.

100 — Mirana Haraughty (GF) 12.87; Leniesha Williams (MA) 13.02; Raheemah Madany (MA) 13.31. 200 — Miranda Haraughty (GF) 25.58; Kallie Villemaire (Beek) 25.88; Sam Hunter (Voor) 26.52. 400 — Claire Deshaies (Pla) 1:00.53; Grace Page (MA) 1:00.75; Colleen Rice (Q) 1:-1.17. 800 — Megan Kellogg (Q) 2:24.78; Justie Kozubal (Sch) 2:26.02; Shelby Whitman (MA) 2:28.80. 1500 — Megan Kellogg (Q) 4:50.21; Margaret Champagne (SC) 4:55.29; Sarah Lapham (Gre) 4:56.37. 3000 — Melissa Whyman (SC) 10:52.05; Haley Mooney (HF) 11:19.67; Rachael Guinther (Q) 11:28.70. 100 hurdles — Nikari Carota (Q) 15.32; Mallory Honan (NC) 15.44; Chanel Thomas (Glv) 15.75. 400 hurdles — Nikari Carota (Q) 1:07.44; Allyce Morrissey (GF) 1:09.55; Annie Grimke (Gre) 1:10.44. 400 relay — Beekmantown (Carlee Casey, Mikaela Frechette, Kallie Villemaire, Courtney Wilson) 51.50; Mount Anthony 51.64; South Glens Falls 53.55. 1600 relay — Queensbury (Nikatia Carota, Sherri Metcalfe, Megan Kellogg, Colleen Rice) 4:17.06; Mount Anthony 4:19.84; Plattsburgh 4:24.19; 3200 relay — Mount Anthony (Shelby Whitman, Molly O’Callaghan, Grace Page, Erin Anderson) 10:22.12; Queensbury 10:45.45; Plattsburgh 11:25.09.

High jump — Megan McGillycuddy (Sco) 4-10; Casey Moore (Q) 4-6; Brittany Bourdeau (SGF) 4-6. Long jump — Mallory Honan (NC) 16-9; Courtney Wilson (Bee) 15-9; Chanel Thomas (Glv) 15-7 1⁄4. Triple jump — Olivia Paolano (Q) 33-6; Candace Haskell (Gre) 32-9 3⁄4; Maddi Jackson (GF) 31-1 1⁄4. Shot put — Zoe Doolittle (GF) 35-10 1⁄4; Brianna Seeley (HF) 32-21⁄2; Taylor Haynes (MA) 31-6 3⁄4. Discus — Zoe Doolittle (GF) 109-1; Emily Anderson (Bee) 108-8; Michelle Pellington (Gre) 94-5. Pole vault — Mackenzie Myott (SGF) 9-0; Olivia Paolano (Q) 8-6; Megan McGillycuddy (Sco) 8-0. Pentathlon — Cel­ine Bouvier (NC) 2,301; Stephanie Gengel (Q) 1,979; Jessica Cartier (NC) 1,966. 2000 steeplechase — Ashley Watson (Sch) 7:43.28; Maria Remillard (Peru) 7:51.40; Sara Billings (SGF) 7:55.26.

Loucks Games

WHITE PLAINS — Schalmont junior Devon Willis won the triple jump title and placed third in the 110 hurdles at the 46th Glenn D. Loucks Games.

Willis turned in the ninth-best triple jump effort in the Section II books with his 48-23⁄4, and ran 14.93 in the hurdles.

Reigning state small-school steeplechase champion Courtney Tedeschi of Berne-Knox-Westerlo placed third in the 2,000-meter event (7:22.74).

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