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Bill McTygue seeks to head Saratoga Springs DPW

A name synonymous with public works in Saratoga Springs is vying for the city’s top public works job

A name synonymous with public works in Saratoga Springs is vying for the city’s top public works job.

Democrat Bill McTygue announced Wednesday that he wants to run for commissioner of public works against three-term incumbent Anthony “Skip” Scirocco, a Republican.

It was Scirocco who ended the 32-year career of Public Works Commissioner Thomas McTygue, Bill’s brother, in the 2007 election.

In his campaign announcement, McTygue noted that he has experience in the department, serving briefly as the appointed deputy commissioner for his brother and almost a decade as department director, which included time under Scirocco.

Working for his brother and Scirocco, he said, illustrated a sharp contrast in leadership styles. “There is a definitely a lack of management coming from the top of the department,” McTygue said. “I think there is a total lack of field management [under Scirocco].”

If elected, McTygue promised to be an engaged leader and an active voice on the City Council. He said the difference would be a transparent, efficient and accountable department.

In his own campaign announcement last week, Scirocco highlighted some of the accomplishments during his tenure, including the rehabilitation of water filters in the water treatment facility, development of the Saratoga Lake waterfront park, the upgraded Geyser Crest well water system and new sidewalks on Nelson Avenue.

“The reason you want to get elected in the first place is to get things done for the people of our city; it’s just that simple,” Scirocco said in a statement. “I’m going to run on my accomplishments because they have benefited everyone in our community.”

McTygue will be interviewed today by the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee, which will endorse a full slate of candidates Saturday.

Likely matchups have been announced for all of the top city posts except for the accounts and finance commissioners, with incumbent Democrats John Franck and Michele Madigan, respectively, both running unopposed at this time.

Earlier this week, the city Republican Committee endorsed Richard Wirth as a challenger for public safety commissioner, Craig Hayner for county clerk and incumbent Matt Veitch and Ken Ivins for county supervisors.

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