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Superintendent sought to lead Mayfield, Northville districts

An interim superintendent is being sought to lead two school districts that are entertaining thought

An interim superintendent is being sought to lead two school districts that are entertaining thoughts of a merger.

Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES Superintendent Patrick Michel is coordinating the search approved by the Mayfield and Northville school district boards of education.

Michel said the position, likely to offer a salary between $170,000 and $180,000, isn’t necessarily a wave of the future but it is becoming more common.

“We’re starting to see it more and more, especially amongst smaller districts,” Michel said.

The Mayfield and Northville districts have discussed merging since 2010, but the process stalled in September of 2012.

Then, both districts held straw poll votes to gauge residents’ interest in a merger. Mayfield voters approved the idea but Northville’s residents did not.

Another vote is scheduled in Northville for June 25.

Michel said sharing a superintendent can be seen as a small step closer to serious merger consideration.

“These two boards are trying to dip their toe in the water, if you will, with an interim. Meanwhile, they’re going for a re-vote on their merger, and that’s all part of it, too.”

Sharing a superintendent would save money for both districts.

Currently, Mayfield pays its superintendent roughly $135,000 a year plus benefits and Northville’s interim superintendent earns $350 a day.

It would be less expensive to pay a single interim superintendent, Michel said, with a salary of roughly $170,000.

Mayfield Superintendent Paul Williamsen is set to retire at the end of this school year.

Northville’s interim superintendent, Debra Lyker, doesn’t earn benefits in the position.

Lyker would be eligible to apply for the two-district job, Michel said.

Candidates interested in the position are asked to submit a formal letter with résumé, placement folder, academic transcripts and administrative certification to the HFM BOCES by June 5.

This material should be addressed to HFM BOCES superintendent Dr. Patrick Michel, 2755 State Highway 67, Johnstown, NY 12095.

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