Americade rolling back into village

The “world’s largest multibrand motorcycle touring rally” has returned to Lake George for another ye

The “world’s largest multibrand motorcycle touring rally” has returned to Lake George for another year.

Today marks the beginning of the 31st annual Americade, a weeklong motorcycle event centered in the heart of Lake George village. In 31 years, the relationship between Americade and Lake George has grown exponentially.

“They have been hugely helpful in executing what is an extremely challenging job and ultimately making it better for our guests when they’re in the area,” said Christian Dutcher, director of Americade.

With the high volume of visitors in the area, this event is very important for the community.

“We say that this is kind of the kick-off event to the summer season,” said Peter Aust, president of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The fact that it happens right after Memorial Day, it does kick off the summer season.”

Every year the rally’s ripples are felt across all avenues of business in the Lake George area. Whether it’s hotel occupancy, restaurants and other local businesses or even motorcycle insurance, all are impacted by the 100,000-plus motorcyclists expected each year.

“The economic impact to our region is significant,” said Aust. “This has been quantified, that it has the largest single economic impact of anything that happens here in our region throughout the year. It’s in the tens of millions of dollars.”

According to Aust, without the business generated by Americade, some hotels and resorts might have trouble staying afloat.

One resort that flourishes during Americade is the Fort William Henry Resort in the center of Lake George Village. For the past three years, it has been the headquarters for the rally.

“It’s an amazing impact to not just us but everybody,” said Kathleen Flacke Muncil, CEO at Fort William Henry.

“This is comparable to a very busy week in the summer. It’s an economic engine that you don’t want to see leave the area. It’s a great organization, a family-run organization that really has been a wonderful support to our area.”

The increase in activity in the village is also felt at local restaurants. Business takes a large jump during the week of Americade, according to East Cove owner Peter Smith.

Some riders who make the trip to Lake George utilize the availability of insurance agencies at the rally. Florence Shaw, an Allstate agent in Colonie, is present at Americade all week.

“We get motorcycle business, of course. From that we have the opportunity to cross-sell accident policies and homeowners and automobile policies,” said Shaw. “We bring our computer up there and try to quote them on the spot and also entice them with some of the fliers that we have. We try and tell them the differences of what they have and what we can offer them.”

During this busy week, it’s important for motorists to watch out for increased motorcycle traffic on the roadways around Lake George, including the Northway. The Thruway Authority will be using message boards to remind drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles during Americade.

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