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200 documents turned over in Rotterdam double homicide

Prosecutors in the double Rotterdam homicide that shook the town in April turned over nearly 200 sep

Prosecutors in the double Rotterdam homicide that shook the town in April turned over nearly 200 separate documents to the defense last week as part of standard pre-trial disclosures.

The documents themselves weren’t made public, but brief descriptions of each were included in a prosecution court filing Thursday.

The filing gives a glimpse into the extent of the police investigation into the killings of mother Tammy McCormack and daughter Jessica McCormack, who were both found dead in their 1142 Inner Drive home the morning of April 10.

The investigation into their deaths quickly led police to Jessica’s former boyfriend, Brice Rivenburgh.

Rivenburgh, 28, of 2501 Oaklawn Ave., faces charges that could put him in prison for life without parole upon conviction.

Among the references in the prosecution filing are efforts by police seeking phone and text message records from multiple accounts connected to the case, as well as preserving social media accounts.

Police also sought video surveillance footage from at least seven businesses, as well as in-car video from Rotterdam police patrol cars.

Exactly what police uncovered in the requests was not included in the filing.

Most of the documents relate to efforts to gather evidence elsewhere from the McCormack home, including a document regarding a check for fingerprints on a second-floor window at the McCormack home.

Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney declined Friday to detail whether specific efforts by police referenced in the filing resulted in usable evidence. He said efforts to get surveillance video did result in relevant information.

With the documents, Rivenburgh’s defense is expected to put together its pre-trial motions in the case. Those are due later this month.

Rivenburgh is represented by attorney Sven Paul. Paul declined to comment Friday.

The indictment against Rivenburgh includes a long list of charges, including first-degree murder, rape, burglary and robbery. The first-degree rape charge accuses Rivenburgh of raping Jessica McCormack before killing her, authorities said.

If convicted, Rivenburgh faces up to life in prison without parole. His attorney Sven Paul declined to comment Friday.

Rivenburgh is also accused of re-entering the home twice after the killings, the final time in an attempt to set a fire to destroy the crime scene, authorities said.

He is also accused of attempts to cover up his involvement in the crime.

Tammy McCormack was a mother of three described as someone who was kind to everyone. Jessica McCormack was a young woman who loved swimming and music and looked forward to a career in dental hygiene, according to friends and family.

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