Boat Rentals: Looking for a cost-effective way to improve fishing?

When it comes to freshwater fishing it is quite obvious that the angler fishing from a boat definite

When it comes to freshwater fishing it is quite obvious that the angler fishing from a boat definitely is at an advantage.

It is basically a matter of versatility. The shore angler is very limited; however, the boater can move around if the fish are not biting. I realize not all anglers fish enough and, therefore, do not want to spend the money for something that will sit home the majority of the soft-water season.

If you like fishing and would like to have the advantages of being in a boat, you have three choices: a guide, shore fishing or renting a boat. Let’s look at those lakes offering fishing boat rentals first. Here are several areas that rent boats by the hour.

South Shore Marina, located off of Route 9P, behind Di Donna’s South Shore Restaur­ant, has several choices. Aluminum boats are $20 for four hours and $30 for the day; add a 9-hp outboard for four hours, and it is $60 and $110. They also have bass boats to rent. With a 25-hp motor, they are $120 for four hours and $220 for the day. You can get a bass boat with a 50-hp for $160 for four hours, $200 for six hours and $300 for eight hours. Gas and life jackets are included for all of the above. You can call them at 584-1725. Their web site is

At the other end of the Saratoga Lake is Point Breeze Marina, located on Route 9P near the bridge. They rent canoes for $35 for two hours, $50 for four hours and $75 for eight hours, and larger boats with motors. For full details go to or call 587-3397.

Around the corner from Saratoga Lake is Lake Lonely, at 378 Crescent Ave. This is a good fishing lake that has pike, bass and panfish. All boat rentals include an electric trolling motor (no rowing), cost $30 from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and include lifejackets. Bait and tackle are available there, also. You can call them at 587-1721.

Another small lake that I know holds good fish is Peck’s Lake, in the southern Adirondacks at 180 Peck’s Lake Road in Gloversville. They, too, have a number of boat rental choices. A row boat for 10 hours is $10 per person; children 5-12 are half-price, and under 5 are free. They also offer daily rental of outboard motors. A 6- to 8-hp is $45, and a 9.9-hp is $55. Life jackets are $3 per person per day. Daily boat rentals are 10 consecutive hours. This little lake has large and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, chain pickerel and panfish. For more information call, 725-1294 or go to

Some of our local state parks also have boat rentals. Moreau Lake, just off the Adir­ondack Northway (Exit 17) on Old Saratoga Road in Gansevoort, has a private boat rental business in the park. They rent row boats, paddle boats and kayaks. The rates are all the same: two hours, $12; four hours, $22 hours; and all day, $28. For boat rental information call 798-7854.

No motors are allowed on Moreau Lake. The 122-acre lake offers shore fishing, also. The fish here include large and smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, rainbow trout, brown bullheads and panfish. The lake also offers a lot of shore-fishing opportunities.

Grafton Lakes State Park, located at 100 Grafton Lakes State Park Way in Grafton also does not allow motors on the lake. They rent row boats for $5 per hour and $20 all day. Canoes and kayaks are $8 per hour. The park has five ponds. They are Long Pond (29 acres), Second Pond (31 acres, Shaver Pond (44.5 acres), Mill Pond (18.5 acres) and Dunham Reservoir (98.3 acres). Most of the ponds have large and smallmouth bass, panfish and chain pickerel; Dunham also has walleyes. For information, call 279-1155.

Thompson’s Lake State Park is located at 68 Thompson Lake Road in East Berne. Row boat rental fees are: $8 per hour, $15 for two hours, $20 for three hours and $25 per day. Paddleboats are also available.

The 120-acre lake offers largemouth bass, chain pickerel, brown and rainbow trout and a variety of panfish. The lake also has limited shore fishing. For further information, call 872-1674.

For information on all the state parks, go to


The Albany Rensselaer Lake (Six Mile Waterworks) off of Fuller Road in Albany is a 36.3-acre lake that is stocked annually. The lake’s 2.9 miles of shore offers plenty of fishing opportunity. The lake’s fish population includes largemouth bass, pike, trout and all the panfish species.

Schenectady Iroquois Lake (7.2 acres) is located in Central Park off of Iroquois Way and Monument Hill Road. Shore fishing all around the lake is good, and you have a chance at hooking up with large and smallmouth bass, brown bullhead and all the panfish species. Not too long ago, there was a very big carp caught in the lake, and I am sure there are more there.

In the Village of Scotia’s Collins Park, off of Schonowee Avenue (across from Jumpin’ Jack’s), is the 56.3-acre Collins Lake. This is another lake offering plenty of shore fishing opportunities. You can hook up with northern pike, chain pickerel, large and smallmouth bass and a variety of panfish.

In Saratoga County, Ballston Lake has a public fishing pier on the north end of the lake on Outlet Road, which is off of Route 50. There is vehicle parking across from the pier on Outlet Road. Ballston Lake offers a variety of fish that include large and smallmouth bass, pike, walleyes and all the panfish species.

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