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Former Schenectady ARC official accused of stealing from clients

A former Schenectady ARC supervisor has been fired and arrested after allegedly stealing money from

A former Schenectady ARC supervisor has been fired and arrested after allegedly stealing money from clients.

Kim Giles, 44, appeared in Schenectady City Court this week on one count each of fourth-degree grand larceny and first-degree falsifying business records, both felonies. She was charged last month and has pleaded not guilty.

Giles served as a supervisor at a Snowden Avenue ARC location. She is accused of taking a total of $1,279 from client accounts between October and April, officials said.

“The allegations are that she basically stole money from some of the consumers she worked with,” prosecutor Deanndra Macomber said Wednesday.

Schenectady ARC is an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities. In Giles’ case, Macomber said, she sometimes helped clients with shopping and was authorized to use their money to purchase items for them. Other employees were authorized to do so as well.

But Giles is accused of logging that some items were purchased when they weren’t, then pocketing the money. In other cases, she purchased items and kept them for herself, Macomber said.

Giles is represented by attorney Joseph Litz. He declined to comment on the case other than to note that it is still early on and information has been limited.

The investigation began earlier this year with an ARC audit, according to Macomber and the ARC. The ARC then turned over what it found to the Schenectady Police Department.

In a statement issued this week, ARC officials wrote that the regular audit discovered discrepancies. That led to the more detailed investigation.

“The individual involved was immediately suspended and then terminated,” the statement reads. “Any funds of people we support that were not properly used for those individuals will be replaced by Schenectady ARC, and we are cooperating fully with the police and the district attorney’s office.”

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