Time Warner shuffles channels

This is not a test. Do not adjust your television set. Time Warner Cable has moved around its channe

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This is not a test. Do not adjust your television set. Time Warner Cable has moved around its channels.

The cable provider for the Capital Region is shaking up its lineup and grouping channels 100 and up by genres. The new lineup, which is scheduled to be fully implemented locally by the end of today, is designed to make channel surfing easier.

Genres include entertainment, lifestyle, news and information, kids, inspiration, premium movie channels and adult programing. The number of channels in a genre ranges from more than 30 to just a handful.

Channels up to 99 will be unaffected by the change, and in some instances these channels will upgrade from a standard-definition picture to a high-definition picture. Currently, some of these channels are broadcast in standard definition, with a high-definition version of the network’s content available on a different channel.

TWC spokesman Scott Pryzwansky said viewers with a high-definition cable box will now find high-definition broadcasts on formerly standard-definition channels where the high-definition broadcast is available.

“AutoHD helps Time Warner Cable customers enjoy many of the HD channels we offer better, so whether you’re watching sports, your favorite series or the local news, AutoHD helps ensure you’re seeing it in crystal-clear HD,” he said. “This helps ensure the best possible entertainment experience for our customers.”

The new lineup is part of a larger goal of TWC, which wants to standardize many of its channels. This change will ensure that people can find their favorite channels regardless of the media market they’re in.

“We successfully introduced this new theme-based lineup throughout Syracuse and Central New York this summer,” Pryzwansky said. “If all continues to go well, we will continue rolling this out in other markets, ultimately launching this in all of our cable systems. This is yet another way we are working towards providing a better user experience for our customers.”

There still will be duplication of channels, with most networks in the single- and double-digit channels also appearing in the different genres higher on the dial.

More information about the new channel lineups can be found at www.twc.com/mychannels.

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