Is that cup of coffee really worth the jolt of energy?

People like coffee because not only is it one of the world’s voted best morning drink, but because i
Nathanial Gomes
Nathanial Gomes

People like coffee because not only is it one of the world’s voted best morning drink, but because it gives you a bittersweet jolt of energy.

Although this bittersweet drink called coffee gives you energy, it also gives you a “more than you bargained for” bad side.

Coffee came from a much unexpected place. Kaldi of Ethiopia, a goat herder in Ethiopia, found goats eating some berries. So as far as curiosity goes, he decided to try some. It gave him a bitter taste, but a jolt of energy. From that coffee was born.

He noticed that coffee tastes bad but feels reviving; some of the side effects include a jittery feeling, racing heartbeat, mild heart burn and addictiveness. Did you ever know that coffee is so addicting that the International Coffee Association predicted that over 148 million bags of coffee were sold from 2012-2013 due to demands that come from addiction?

Apart from those effects, coffee has an even worse side effect. Coffee has caffeine in it that erodes the calcium in the body. This causes the urination cycle to increase, which then causes the body to drain too many fluids. This process is called “osteoporosis.”

Another side effect is that the caffeine blocks adenosine, causing on and off sleep patterns.That stops you from having a sound sleep.

It can cause health problems, like high cholesterol level, which can lead to death. 34,000 men and 19,000 women died from that in 1995-2008. Not only can coffee change your health, but also your emotions. The caffeine in coffee can cause anxiety and panic attacks. This is caused by the chemical in coffee that unnaturally calms down your nervous system by attacking it.

Above all, coffee has a chemical called caffeine which contains carcinogens. This has creosote, pyridine, tars, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. All of this leads to corroding the stomach lining, which causes the digestive systems to fail.

All of these problems that you have read about coffee might make you stop drinking it. But there is a way that you can balance your coffee intake, despite an addictive property.

First, only drink about one to two cups of it a day. Secondly, drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Third, buy organic coffee and use unbleached filters.

Last but not least, enjoy your coffee. Those facts that were listed above might change your attitude towards coffee, but if you listen to it, it just might help you to lower your risk of ever having any one of those problems happen to you.

Enjoy your coffee in moderation!

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