Our pets can teach us some important lessons

Did you know that pets teach you things?
Nellie Cordi
Nellie Cordi

Did you know that pets teach you things? I did! Having pets is a great learning experience. Pets can teach you lots of important things. I think that is wonderful!

Pets teach you to be responsible. “Time for a walk.” “Dad, there is a hairball on the floor.” “Mom, can we clean the cage now?”

Those are the things that I say when I take care of my pets. Did you know that pets make you clean up their messes? You have to clean it up! You have to remember to feed them and provide water! Pets should be trained and need special care. A pet is like a chore. In agreement is Rachel Lund. On the website www.voices.yahoo.com, Rachel says, “If you can’t take good care of your pets, then you can’t keep them.” It is a responsibility.

Pets teach you to be gentle! “Hold her the right way,” my mom says. Pets would prefer to be held gently and carefully. Pets are more loving when you hold them correctly. “Sh!” I remind my friends. Pets don’t like certain noises. Little kids can get loud, so tell them to be quiet when they are near your pets. Pets enjoy silence. “Careful with the spray,” I tell my family. Pets don’t like certain scents. Especially strong smells. Keep your pets away from odors. I’d never spray any kind of scent near my pets. They could get sick, or even die. Pets are fragile, so be gentle!

Pets teach you the circle of life! Pets can mate, but I’d never mate any of my pets. That means they could have babies. “Ew!” my sister and I say about mice birth. It is so gross! Pets die too. It makes me cry. But still, you know that pet has taught you the circle of life.

To back up these great facts and opinions is Vet Marc Abraham. On www.netums.com, Vet Abraham says “From classroom guinea pig or gold fish, to your own beloved cat or dog, pets make great teachers, helping to benefit children of all ages and backgrounds.” So now you know that pets teach you things. They teach you amazing things! Once they understand, you’ll get a teacher. A pet.

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