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David Cassidy turns up at Saratoga instead of in court

It looks like David Cassidy’s fondness for Saratoga Race Course foiled his chances of accepting a pl

It looks like David Cassidy’s fondness for Saratoga Race Course foiled his chances of accepting a plea deal Wednesday in Schodack Town Court.

The former teen heartthrob was initially expected to enter a plea deal via his lawyer Wednesday afternoon on a driving while intoxicated charge lodged against him last August after he was pulled over in the town of Schodack. Because he lives out of the area, local officials agreed to let his lawyer enter the plea for him, rather than make him come to court and plead himself.

But Rensselaer County First Assistant District Attorney Carmelo Laquidara said that proceeding was postponed after his office learnedCassidy was, in fact, in Saratoga on theday his lawyer said he would be unable to appear in court.

“We’re as confused as anybody as to why he would be in Saratoga when he, at least according to his attorney, could not appear personally to enter a plea of guilty,” said Laquidara. “We’re confused by it. We’re disturbed by it. We’re looking into it.”

Speaking about 4:30 p.m., Laquidara said his office had just learned that fact an hour earlier. The New York Racing Association may have spilled the beans. At 2:09 p.m. Wednesday, NYRA tweeted the following: “David Cassidy, Dominick Schettino, Anthony Bonomo, and @garycontessa playing bocce by the #Saratoga Pavilion. Gary Sciacca on his way.”

Saratoga Race Course is about 40 miles from Schodack.

Cassidy was pulled over in Schodack in August for failing to dim his headlights. He was charged with DWI after tests showed his blood-alcohol content to be 0.1 percent. He was initially charged with a felony because of a 2011 conviction for DUI in Florida, but it was later reduced to a misdemeanor. In January, he was charged with DWI in Los Angeles and ended up going into a rehabilitation facility for his alcohol troubles.

“The Partridge Family” star lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is a regular at Saratoga Race Course most summers.

Lucas Mihuta, an attorney for Cassidy, said Wednesday’s plea deal was adjourned at his request when he learned Cassidy was in the area.

“I don’t believe Mr. Cassidy even knew that tonight was his court date,” Mihuta said Wednesday, “so he might not even have known that I was originally on the calendar to be in court for him this evening.”

Mihuta stressed the plea deal worked out last week is still on the table, despite the apparent mixup. He couldn’t provide any details on the deal, as it was still being finalized, he said.

Now, he is working to reschedule the court date for Sept. 3, two days after the race meet ends.

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