Kitchen aids trim time and hassles of preparing food

The crockpot isn’t the only time-saving gadget out there.

The crockpot isn’t the only time-saving gadget out there. Sure, it’s a great one, but there are so many others that’ll slice minutes off your nightly dinner-making routine, which will leave more time for relaxing around the dinner table. Witness these picks:

Onion Goggles

You won’t have to pause every few seconds when you’re cutting your onions (or leeks, scallions or chives) if you pop these on pre-slice. The foam seal and anti-fog lenses will protect your eyes from stinging onion burn. $19.99 at

Joseph Joseph Large Scoop Colander

Forget about straining when you’re making macaroni or small pasta — and use this colander scoop instead. It drains the food straight from the pot and eliminates that extra step. $8.99 at

Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

This is a one-pot system that allows you to steam, roast, bake, sear, simmer, saute and slow cook — without changing the pot. It has a 6-quart capacity and can heat between 250-425 degrees. Skip pre-heating the oven (or even turning it on) and fumbling around for pots and pans. $185 at

Chef ’n Garlic Peeler

Pop multiple cloves of unpeeled garlic into the peeler, put the top on and twist back and forth. When you open the lid, the garlic will be peeled. Then, put the peeler into the dishwasher. You’re done. $11.95 at

iTouchless Bag Resealer

Open any bag of food and then use this to create an airtight seal to lock in the freshness without taking the time to transfer the leftover items to a zipper bag. The iTouchless Bag Resealer is powered by batteries, and it takes seconds to reseal the bag. It also has a magnet, so you can store it within easy reach, on your refrigerator. $21.95 for two at

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