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Woman gets 4 years in Schenectady slashing

Kymberlee F. Davis, 30, was sentenced to as much as four years in prison in the April slashing of an
Kymberlle Davis is led from Schenectady County Courtroom 3 after being sentenced to 4 years for slashing a woman 8 months ago.
Kymberlle Davis is led from Schenectady County Courtroom 3 after being sentenced to 4 years for slashing a woman 8 months ago.

Tazia Glover recounted how she was slashed across her chest, as well as her hands and how she’s suffered through multiple surgeries as a result of the attack she sustained in April.

Glover spoke at the sentencing of her attacker, 30-year-old Kymberlee F. Davis, asking that Davis receive the maximum allowed under a plea deal, seven years in prison.

“Ms. Davis had no regard for my life that night, not to mention the others in the house,” Glover told Judge Guido Loyola. “I believe Ms. Davis intended on seriously injuring me. She could have even killed me.”

Davis pleaded guilty earlier to second-degree assault, a felony, admitting to the attack inside Glover’s Manhattan Street residence.

The deal, based on Davis’ lack of criminal history, included the possibility of seven years behind bars, but also included lesser sentences.

Loyola heard arguments from both sides and eventually sentenced Davis to four years, rejecting a defense proposal of time served. He cited a favorable pre-sentence report for Davis, but the judge also said Davis caused great damage.

“I have to balance that by the actions and the results of your actions,” Loyola said. “I just can’t ignore that.”

Davis was accused of breaking into the apartment and attacking Glover. A woman who was with Davis was also charged, but the case against that woman, Cecilia L. Rivera-Sanchez, 24, of Livingston Avenue, remains pending, prosecutors said. She is not believed to have personally slashed Glover.

The investigation concluded the attack stemmed from jealousy, prosecutor William Sanderson said later: Glover and Davis each had a child with a common father. That jealousy took the form of text-message threats from Davis to Glover before the attack, Sanderson said.

In court, Sanderson showed Loyola several pictures of Glover’s wounds. He also said the knife Davis used broke during the attack and Davis searched for another knife before fleeing.

“Seven years is even arguably not enough time for the injuries that occurred,” Sanderson said.

Davis’ attorney, Lauren Mack, noted her client has already served eight months and asked for a sentence of time served and probation. She cited a pre-sentence investigation by the Schenectady County Probation Department, which aids judges at sentencing. She called the report one of the better one’s she’s seen and said her client is remorseful.

She also noted Davis had no criminal history.

“I was in a bad space,” Davis told the court. “I lost my mother. I was in a bad relationship, and I made a bad decision. Nothing can justify it. Nothing can change it. I can only learn from it.”

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