Act now to eradicate threat posed by ISIS

*Act now to eradicate threat posed by ISIS *Students are pawns in opt-out initiative *Medical legisl

Act now to eradicate threat posed by ISIS

I think we’re in a news funk. It seems every day, the front page of the paper carries a piece about how many nonbelievers were killed by ISIS or their affiliates, and nothing about any significant military response from us.

The president busies himself with issues like nuclear deals that appear to give a clear advantage to our sworn enemy or global warming or any other issue except the threat of Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait another 20 months to elect a president who understands this threat and moves to eradicate it from the face of the Earth.

The United States needs to lead a coalition with a mission to destroy ISIS by all means available in the same manner as our parents and grandparents did to defeat Nazism, fascism and imperialism in World War II 70 years ago.

Hopefully, we won’t sustain another 9/11-like hit before we get a new leader to confront this threat to all freedom-loving people throughout the world. Just imagine peace in the Middle East.

Ron Belli


Students are pawns in opt-out initiative

Re April 15 article, “Hundreds locally refuse to take state test”: Mohonasen 55 percent, Niskayuna 11 percent, Schenectady 2 percent — what do these differences in opt–out tests tell us about the quality of the district administration, the teachers, or the students and their parents?

Regardless, the big losers in this squabble among the above, plus the teachers union, and the State Education Department, are the students who are being used and manipulated to send “a clear message.”

English instruction is basic to any common “core” of education; too many students today cannot speak, cannot write and cannot read with understanding, let alone spell or do simple arithmetic without a calculator (Generation Duh?).

If the English test, or any test, is bad, fix it; but do not prejudice the prospects of those who will seek higher education or employment where standardized testing is a fact of life (e.g. SATs) without any opt-out choice.

George W. Putman

Saratoga Springs

Medical legislation extends care for kids

Your April 15 article, “Finally, Congress OK’s bill reshaping Medicare doctors’ fees,” focuses mainly on the “doc fix” that was passed in Congress recently, but only briefly mentions an extremely important provision of the bill that will positively affect parents and children throughout New York.

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 extended funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program for another two years until 2017.

The extension of CHIP represents a significant victory in ensuring continued access to health care for children. Known in New York as Child Health Plus, this program provides hundreds of thousands of New York children statewide access to affordable health coverage. Eligible consumers pay little to no premiums, and are exempt from cost sharing for inpatient services, visits to the doctor’s office and prescription drugs.

Access to health coverage for low-income families with children is an integral piece of the puzzle that is health care reform, and the recent victory in protecting funding for CHIP for another two years should cause all New Yorkers with children to breathe a sigh of relief.

Peter Scatena


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