MOVE festival: 100 bands at 11 venues

One of the Capital Region’s biggest music weekends has arrived.
Josh Mirsky, foreground, and the band MIRK will perform at The Hollow on Friday night.
Josh Mirsky, foreground, and the band MIRK will perform at The Hollow on Friday night.

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Michael Corts has summoned Shinobi Ninja from New York City.

He’s expecting Analog Heart from Boston. He’s made reservations for Take 2 of Vermont — and found room for local musicians MIRK, Sirsy, Erin Harkes and Wild Adriatic.

One of the Capital Region’s biggest music weekends has arrived. The fourth annual MOVE Music Festival will begin Friday and run through Sunday in venues all over Albany. One hundred bands from the Northeast and beyond are on the schedule.

“We’ve expanded considerably this year,” said Corts, a principal organizer of the festival. “We’ve added another tent outside of Stout [Graney’s Stout at 904 Broadway], which brings us to 12 stages at 11 venues. Last year, we were 100 bands in 10 venues.”

Thirty-two acts will be on stage Friday.

“We’ve got a couple big players that night,” Corts said. “At the Parish Public House [388 Broadway] we’ve got the Rustic Overtones headlining. The Hollow [79 N. Pearl St.] has a stacked line-up with Olivia Quillio kicking it off, MIRK ending the show, with Sirsy and Goodbyemotel — we saw them last year as well, they’re quite the show.”

MOVE Music Festival

WHERE: Albany, 11 locations

WHEN: Friday-Sunday

HOW MUCH: $20 weekend pass; day and venue passes also sold.


Other bands on the MOVE this weekend include Nobody for President at the Fuze Box (12 Central Ave.); Lynette Williams at Justin’s (301 Lark St.); Kayla and the Tellers at the City Beer Hall (42 Howard St.) and Wild Adriatic at the Stout tent.

Something new this year will be a Sunday evening video awards show at the Madison Theater. Awards will be presented for top music movies in best video, best live video and creative achievement categories. Performances by Erin Harkes and The Sea The Sea will follow.

Getting the gig

A MOVE spot can be a tough gig to land.

“Over the past four years, we’ve had over 8,000 bands submit for the coveted 400 spots that we’ve had,” Corts said.

“We work with our partner ReverbNation. About 60 percent of the artists submit through Reverb. We leave about 30 percent of the spots open for local regional acts. The other 10 percent of submissions are people we reach out to that didn’t submit that we liked based on committee meetings.”

Musicians also get the chance to improve business for their bands. The Hilton Albany will become a gathering spot for people who work in the music industry.

“We have a lot of industry pros, music professionals from across the country coming in like record producers, entertainment attorneys, guys from ‘Band on a Budget’ who own online merchandise companies and we have interactive round table discussion where these bands, for free, can sit across from these people and pick their brains and take away much more from MOVE than just a powerful set,” Corts said.

Josh Mirsky, founder and vocalist of piece alternative hip-hop outfit MIRK, has been with Corts and festival founder Bernie Walters since the beginning. “It’s just nice to see something like this come to the area,” Mirsky said.

Watching it grow

“I’m just looking forward to watching it grow, because I’ve watched it grow from just an idea to what it is now, and we’re only a few years in. I’m looking forward for it to be like ‘South by Southwest’ someday.”

The South by Southwest festival, a celebration of music and film, started in Austin, Texas, in 1987. It has become the highest revenue-producing event for the Austin economy.

Mirsky and his band mates are looking forward to their 11 p.m. slot at The Hollow.

“We’re headlining in what I consider to be one of the best venues in Albany,” he said. “We love The Hollow since it changed ownership and went from being more of a cover bar band to being almost exclusively original bands. [Vermont radio station WEQX] has really put in a lot of work to bring in a lot of up-and-coming bands. We’ve played a lot of great venues over the years at MOVE, but this is going to be the first year we’re at The Hollow, so we’re psyched.”

Bands at MOVE don’t pack up and head home after their gigs. Mirsky said he the rest of his crew — guitarist Michael Thornton, bassist Kate Sgroi, drummer Stephen Struss, saxophonist Christopher Russell and keyboardist James Rock — are also looking forward to Saturday. Bands will shoot live videos in a warehouse location; MIRK has also scheduled a photo shoot.

Mirsky said bands at festival gigs always want to do something that makes the group stand out. But he said MOVE does not foster a competitive atmosphere.

“I think there’s a lot more of a feeling of camaraderie, and just getting to hang out with all the different bands that are coming,” Mirsky said.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to talk to bands from outside the area and set up gig swaps, and head to those music industry panels and ask some good questions.”

MOVE lineup of bands

Here’s the schedule for this year’s MOVE Music Festival in Albany. All times are approximate.


Parish Public House, 388 Broadway

7 p.m. — Baked Potatoes

8 p.m. — Space Carnival

9 p.m. — Squid Parade

10 p.m. — The North & South Dakotas

11:30 p.m. — Rustic Overtones

Fuze Box, 12 Central Ave.

7 p.m. — Flakjacket

8 p.m. — True Apothecary

9 p.m. — Doctor Magnum

10 p.m. — Ampevene

11 p.m. — Nobody For President

12 a.m. — NOHC

1 a.m. — Xenolinguist

2 a.m. — BassBullets

3 a.m. — Comp3

The Hollow, 79 N. Pearl St.

6 p.m. — Olivia Quillio

7 p.m. — Better By Morning

8 p.m. — Accents

9 p.m. — Goodbyemotel

10 p.m. — Sirsy

11 p.m. — MIRK

Justin’s, 301 Lark St.

7 p.m. — Take 2

8 p.m. — The Warp/The Weft

9 p.m. — Faint Little Things

10 p.m. — Carl Daniels & The Black Box

Pearl Street Pub, 1 Steuben St.

6 p.m. — Andrew Mirabile

7 p.m. — Wolf Critton

8 p.m. — Christina Custode

9 p.m. — Shane Guerette

Blue 82, 80 N. Pearl

6:30 p.m. — Kyle Albano

7:30 p.m. — Ryan Leddick

8:30 p.m. — Jason Irwin

9:30 p.m. — Charlie Brennan


Lark Tavern, 453 Madison Ave.

8 p.m. — Mark Schwaber

9 p.m. — The Flam Flams

10 p.m. — Brian LaPoint & the Joints


7 p.m. — Lynette Williams

8 p.m. — Father Misty and the Rock

9 p.m. — Skip Monday

10 p.m. — Lunar Pacific

11 p.m. — The Late Shift

Fuze Box

7 p.m. — Candy Ambulance

8 p.m. — Further Unsound

9 p.m. — The Mysteios

10 p.m. — Classy Mongrel

11 p.m. — Cosmonaut Radio

12 a.m. — Shinobi Ninja

1 a.m. — Eric David

2 a.m. — DJ Scooter

3 a.m. — Dry3ver

City Beer Hall, 42 Howard St.

7 p.m. — Brianna Nelson

8 p.m. — The Midnight Society

9 p.m. — Blueprints of the Heart

10 p.m. — Kayla and the Tellers

Parish Public House

6 p.m. — Klozapin

7 p.m. — Slowshine

8 p.m. — Dolly Spartans

9 p.m. — Mad Kings

10 p.m. — Party Boat

11:30 p.m. — Locksley

Blue 82

7 p.m. — Jordan Okrend

8 p.m. — Justin Levinson

9 p.m. — Aisha Badru

10 p.m. — Jacob Restituto

The Hollow

6 p.m. — Foxanne

7 p.m. — Wyland

8 p.m. — Breakfast in Fur

9 p.m. — Jocelyn Arndt

10 p.m. — Titanics

11:30 p.m. — Young Magic

1 a.m. — DJ Jennifer Haley

McGeary’s, 4 Clinton Square

5 p.m. — Fort Rooster

6 p.m. — HEAF

7 p.m. — Mind Over Time

8 p.m. — My Body

9 p.m. — Kimono Dragons

10 p.m. — CONTACT

Stout, 904 Broadway

6 p.m. — Gordon St

7 p.m. — Good Fiction

8 p.m. — REVE

9 p.m. — Sheen

10 p.m. — The Unknown Woodsmen

11 p.m. — Hard Soul

Stout outdoor tent, 904 Broadway

6 p.m. — Myron James

7 p.m. — Lemon Sky

8 p.m. — The Montauk Project

9 p.m. — The Tins

10 p.m. — The Racer

11 p.m. — Wild Adriatic

The Barrel Saloon, 942 Broadway

5:30 p.m. — Many Trails

6:30 p.m. — Joe Mansman & Midnight Revival

7:30 p.m. — Melli & The


8:30 p.m. — Anthony Fallacaro

Pearl Street Pub

6 p.m. — Lauren Hurley

7 p.m. — Fiona Corrine

8 p.m. — Gusto

9 p.m. — Analog Heart


The Hollow

7 p.m. — The Big Takeover

8 p.m. — JIMKATA

Madison Theatre, 1036 Madison Ave.

6 p.m. — Steve Candlen

7 p.m. — MOVE Music Video Awards Presentation

8 p.m. — Erin Harkes

9 p.m. — The Sea The Sea

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