Remember to give to those who protect us

*Remember to give to those who protect us *Bible ignored as way to resolve society ills *Much to dis

Remember to give to those who protect us

To all who had a part of the annual New York State Yellow Ribbon Day at the Halfmoon Town Hall on April 9 to remember all our troops, I want to say thank you.

This legislation was passed by Assemblyman James Tedisco, Sen. Hugh Farley and other members of state Legislature so we can have a day to remember all our troops.

We should be praying for them every day for fighting for our freedom. Freedom is not free. You should be always thinking of their families and what they go through for all of us every day.

We all need to be doing something for the families here. I do want to say thank you to the town of Halfmoon for hosting this wonderful day. It was a great day — standing room only. I’m also grateful to Halfmoon town Supervisor Kevin Tollisen and town employees for donating the troops’ favorite snack — over 200 bags of beef jerky. I and the troops say thank you.

For those who did not bring anything for the troops (it is one of our biggest fundraisers), you still can donate. There is a box at the Halfmoon Town Hall, Halfmoon Town Plaza, for the Blue Star Mothers. Blue Star Mothers are mothers of those who are currently serving or have honorably served.

They send packages year-round. Also, you can find out the addresses of military personnel who want to get a package from home by emailing [email protected] This is only a small way to give for your freedom.

Go that extra mile for our freedom. Freedom is not free. Send a box to a soldier. A list of items can also be found at

Carol Hotaling

Clifton Park

The writer is the Yellow Ribbon Lady.

Bible ignored as way to resolve society ills

There are many people today who ask: “What is going on?” The whole world seems to be going nuts. Everywhere you look, riots, wars, murders, robbery, natural disasters and mayhem rule the days.

Some look to Nostradamus, others to psychics and mediums. But most ignore the one way to know the exact reasons of why and the answer to the original question — the Bible.

Nostradamus and other “tellers” are very rarely correct, along with the psychics and mediums. Yet this ignored way is never wrong.

That way tells us of wars and rumor of wars increasing exponentially along with lawlessness. It tells us of the increase of evil to the point of its being called good (the old adage of tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth) and actually taking over people’s concepts of decency. A point in fact: The act of sodomy and fornication (just living together) being acceptable today. Yet there are all sorts of evil proceeds from this “lifestyle” such as AIDS and other diseases. There is even an individual being applauded because he is (in my estimation)a demon possessed, claiming to be a woman instead of a man.

Yet, the sickness of the minds of people continue to digress further and further from goodness, thinking nothing of their perversions. Sodomy, living together, changes in one’s body, are all based in lust only. There is no love involved. All these things are foretold accurately by this one often ignored way called the Bible.

This book even speaks of the rise of Islam and the evil it will bring on the Earth at this time. You can know what is going on today and you can see that famine is coming very, very soon and know that things will only get worse from here. This book also gives the only way to escape these foretold events. But, of course, this is called archaic and out of touch with today’s culture.

The very thing we need is being kept from us by those who desire communism and world domination. I am sorry, but what part of “communism doesn’t work” isn’t understood in this day? There is hope in this book that a time is coming, after this evil time passes, that will be true peace and happiness, with no hint of these evil things going on now. The lion shall lie down with the lamb. Don’t ignore truth because you want your own way, your own lust. It isn’t worth it.

Barry Groat


Much to dislike about Obama, other liberals

Re five opinions: April 4 letter, “Facts don’t support Obamacare criticism,” by Fred Como: First, The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, who is a big supporter of Obama and a liberal. Obamacare is a joke. Obama took $17.6 billion out of Medicare and put it into Obamacare. He cut down on my therapy visits so he could give health care to illegal immigrants and the ones that don’t want to pay for it.

I am a disabled vet of WWII. I paid into that Medicare. Why should it be taken away from me and given away to illegal immigrants and the ones that don’t want to pay for it? You must be one of the takers and not the givers.

Re: April 5 letter, “Obama’s patriotism verified by his actions,” by Dominick Rivera: The same to you, as I printed above. How can you say Obama loves this country when he refuses to pledge to our flag? He has ruined this great county of ours that I gave my health up for. The war in Iraq was ending and Afghanistan would be over if he had let the general that he replaced do want he wanted to do. He destroyed this country. America used to be the leader of the world. Today we are the joke of the world.

Re April 18 letter, “Why would Obama not love his country?” by Mark Ruddiman: You believe that Obama loves this county. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was very lenient when he spoke about Obama. He could have come out with more to show what a bad president he is and what the Democrats have become.

Re April 20 letter, “GOP undermines our commander-in-chief,” by Gene Whitney: You believe that Obama loves this country. You must be in orbit. He said he would cut the deficit in half in his first term. He has us over $18 trillion in debt, and by the time he leaves the office he discredits, this country will be $21 trillion in debt or more. He lied as always.

Re April 24 letter, “Republican hopefuls can’t match Hillary,” by Gary P. Guido: You are so right. The Republican hopefuls can’t match Hillary. She lied about Bosnia, and as senator of New York, she didn’t accomplish anything. As secretary of state, she did less and got our boys killed.

To all you takers and liberals, is there any writing on those cigarettes that you all smoke?

Vincent Belardo


Town should embrace solar energy efforts

I recently was driving by the county’s compost facility and recycling center on Hetcheltown Road and was surprised and excited to see the county’s new solar array installation being built. It is magnificent.

I was then very disappointed and surprised to read (April 18 Gazette) the remarks attributed to Glenville town Supervisor Chris Koetzle regarding the installation of the solar array. He feels it has too large a visual impact; he thought it would be hidden behind a building and is concerned he will get negative calls from residents.

It makes me wonder if we have forward-looking, environmentally informed leadership in Glenville. Apparently not.

Mr. Koetzle, we don’t want the solar array hidden without visual impact. We should be pleased the county chose Glenville for its solar site. It says the right environmentally informed thing about the town and county. It just might inspire local residents to install their own solar arrays on their properties.

I would suggest making it more visible by putting up a large sign on Hetcheltown Road telling what it is and explaining what it is capable of. Glenville needs progressive, aggressive, environmentally knowledgeable leadership.

Spending two years studying the benefits of solar energy, playing with the numbers, waiting for better arrays (technology will always get better) and hoping energy costs will do down (they won’t) is dithering. After two years, it is time to make a decision to act now.

Bill Clock



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