Do more to protect Glenville’s wetlands

*Do more to protect Glenville’s wetlands *Give Boston bomber “special” treatment *FDA must fight e-c

Do more to protect Glenville’s wetlands

After reading in The Gazette the April 27 letter to the editor [“Concerns still remain over Amedore project”] by Dori Trela about the controversies stemming from George Amedore’s housing project, I read a little about the value of wetlands.

They are so valued because they are habitats for species, a refuge for migrating birds, can be storm protectors, flood protectors and an aid for clean water.

So I am perplexed that the Town Board and George Amedore, who seem to have too little concern over the environment, would support such a project when this would affect the status of the wetlands upon which the homes will be built — the result of which seems quite problematic for Glenville’s environment.

Bill Shapiro


Give Boston bomber “special” treatment

I have the perfect punishment for the insect that bombed the Boston Marathon. Execution is too good for him. Put him naked in “special” solitary confinement for the rest of his life.

By “special,” I mean a concrete cell with a solid steel door so he can’t see the guards or anyone walking by his cell. Allow a small slot in the door through which his three meals of bread and water can be passed. No cot, no mattress, no pillow, no sink, no soap. Just a cement room with a waterless toilet (like on airplanes).

No medical visits, no contact with the outside world whatsoever. No reading or writing materials, no TV, no radio, absolutely nothing.

Let him experience rotting in his cell before he rots in hell. When he finally dies, throw the carcass in the dump with the other garbage.

Janice Martin


FDA must fight e-cig marketing campaign

I agree that the U.S. Food Drug Administration should prohibit sweet flavorings being added to e-cigarettes, as Sen. Charles Schumer stated on Sunday [April 26].

With more and more young people perceiving e-cigarettes to be the “safer” smoking choice, we need to have our governmental agencies adapting swiftly to marketing changes.

Jane White


Time to move away from Big Oil interests

The April 19 Gazette op-ed piece by Russ Wege repeating Big Oil’s promotion for why we should allow pipelines to criss-cross our country was full of misleading statements.

The idea that this “energy development” is for the benefit and good of the citizenry is laughable. Big Oil is not Santa. Much of the oil and gas being transported across the land at our expense and risk will end up exported to other countries, particularly China. This is not for our energy independence. And the small amount of hazardous, short-term jobs it provides does not justify the danger to lives and environmental damage it causes.

Pipelines are vulnerable to explosions and damage. Why would we allow these things to expand, rather than put our money, our energy and our support into developing solar and wind and water power as quickly as we can, for our benefit and the good of future generations, as well as the Earth we all depend on?

The fossil fuel dinosaurs need to be phased out, not increased, and we should rush to join other countries who are going full-speed ahead with these alternative methods.

I have no interest in helping Big Oil and Gas make more money. Investing in safe energy and conservation, promoting less greed and more stewardship of our planet is the only sustainable choice. The people of this world are tired of being treated like pests in the way of corporate profit.

We want safe and clean energy and a more green and less messy world to leave our descendants.

Teresa Roben



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