New senior grateful for SHS performance

*New senior grateful for SHS performance *Students are used as pawns in evaluations *More reporting

New senior grateful for SHS performance

I certainly qualify as a senior citizen, but until a year or so ago, I didn’t think much about it. That’s because I was still working. Well, now that I am retired, being a “senior” hits me square in the face. So much so that on April 29, I attended my very first senior citizen event, which was hosted by Schenectady High School. It was called Moonlight Serenade. It was amazing.

The event included dinner and performances by the very talented Schenectady High School students for the approximate 200 guests. Dozens of students from various student organizations could not have been more attentive.

Culinary program students cooked a lovely dinner and students from Junior ROTC, Student Ambassadors, and SWEP attended to our every request, including one young man who agreed to serve as a dance partner.

And the performers were just great — wonderful in fact. Such great talent. Many students sang, including a barbershop quartet; some did dance performances; and there were several students who performed individual instrumental pieces. Last, but not least, was the Jazz Ensemble, directed by David Gleason, who seemed to enjoy himself as much as I did — maybe more. OMG, these kids were fantastic.

It was wonderful to see so many young people performing so well. Many, many thanks for a lovely evening. Ya knocked my socks off and reminded me that the future will be in good hands. It made me proud to be a Schenectady resident.

Livia Carroll


Students are used as pawns in evaluations

The quote from Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul in the April 29 paper just boggles my mind.

She says: “ … But Common Core test scores do not count for the children.” The scores are, however, used toward teacher evaluation.

In other words, students are being used as pawns. Heaven forbid students who dislike certain teachers get wind of this. Bomb the test and it’s no skin off their backs.

Shame on the politicians.

Sue Penny


The writer is a former teacher.

More reporting time for child abuse crimes

In response to the April 26 editorial, “Extend time for victims to come forward,” we are in total support.

Your information was accurate and straightforward, unlike some of the inaccurate information “floating around” out there as to why a bill, such as the one pending in the Legislature, has taken so long to reach the Senate floor.

The opposition is strong, as you have stated. As parents of a child sexual abuse survivor, the time for passage is now. Enough really is enough.

Mary and Victor DeSantis


Is Crestor worth the risks listed in TV ad?

In the famous words of Dr. Henry Lee from O.J. Simpson fame: “Something wrong?”

Every day on TV, we are bombarded with ads relating to breathing problems, fatigue, depression and so on down the line. Now the good pharmaceutical people promise a “magic pill” for whatever the ailment. Happy people are ecstatic for the Crestor “tool.” So now, as they tell us, we can go on living our lives because the “purple pill” has saved us.

But wait, the remaining part of the commercial quietly displays any side effects of the cure. They state one or more of the following: fatal infection may occur; heart or kidney failure could be a result; loss of vision; rapid breathing; sores on the breast; and or abnormal vaginal bleeding could happen.

Last, but not the least, confusion, swelling, possible cancer and, yes, thoughts of suicide.

So the questions becomes this: Is the risk worth the clamor for Crestor?

Jerry Bubniak


School Election Letters Deadline

The deadline for submitting letters relating to the May 19 school budget vote and school board elections is Friday, May 8, at 5 p.m.

Because of the anticipated volume, election-related letters received after that time — either electronically or by regular mail — might not be published prior to the election.

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