How can state have criminals make laws?

*How can state have criminals make laws? *Sign on septic truck reflective of politics *Where would w

How can state have criminals make laws?

Hah, three men in a room.

I find it somewhat ironic that the highly controversial and unconstitutional SAFE Act was drafted and approved in the state Capitol at around midnight, by the three men in a room.

Since then, two of the men, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, are being charged with corruption and fraud. Hmm. I wonder if the last of the three men and the ringmaster is also being looked at for possible indictment.

I also wonder how our legal system can be functional and efficient and respected by the people if the new laws are created and approved basically by criminals who are currently being charged with corruption and fraud. Will they still stand as current laws on the books, and why?

Rick Splawnik


Sign on septic truck reflective of politics

Timing is everything, isn’t it? Another turd found in Albany.

I recently observed a sign on the back of a septic tank truck: “Caution — This truck is full of Albany politicians’ ethics & promises.”

Fred Maurer


Where would we all be without teachers?

I am an 18-year-old student currently attending the Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School District. I am very interested in education and our teachers here in New York state. So I’ve written a poem about, and for, teachers. I wanted to share my poem and hopefully bring an end to the regulations that are making teachers in New York state fear for their jobs and open the public’s eyes to what’s really going on in the state education system. It is entitled, “Where Would We Be?”

Without them where would we be?

Who would show us how to read and write, to help us figure out just what it is we are good at and what our faults are.

Who would lead us to greatness in ourselves and help us work through our failures because we are human, and we all mess up sometimes.

Who would, without them, teach us how to play, work, share and think about things all on our own?

Who would touch our minds, spark creativity into our worlds, ensue wonder into our still small and developing thoughts?

How could we begin to hypothesize how our universe began, or the square root of 74 minus 9 to the fifth power because, believe me, when I say, it’s not the easiest thing in the world for some.

How could we know the questions to ask when we want to know about Russia and its fall to communism, or even learn the definition of antidisestablishmentarianism?

We need them more than we believe because just like our parents, they are the ones who will pave the roads to our success.

They are the ones who help us find what we want to be when we grow up.

Without them it would be nearly impossible to know the true meaning of learning and education.

So don’t you go and tell me that when we fail a “required exam” that it’s their fault.

Because just like us children, they are trying their best so we can make it in this world, because that, my friends, is what we cling to, our existence and our own self-worth. So tell me now assemblymen, politicians of any kind, without teachers, please tell me … where would YOU be …

Hannah Sowle


Resolve parking for Congregation events

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Schenectady that is run by the Congregation Gates of Heaven is an excellent event and sponsors the accompanying ALS 5K run for a fantastic cause. The 5K event had 517 runners and raised a record amount for ALS. The festival has many vendors and activities for all those in attendance.

But I must say that as a Park Estates resident, more coordination is needed between the Congregation Gates of Heaven, city of Schenectady, police and residents. The attendees over the years have started to park on both sides of Fehr Avenue, Ashmore Avenue, Parkside Avenue and Central Parkway, which is unsafe and, frankly, rude. This happens to be the front portion of many homeowners’ lawns. Even when the city held the “Tuesday in the Park” event, which drew around 50,000 people over two days, there was never parking on both sides of the street or my lawn or on the lawns of any of my neighbors.

This presents issues that include:

1) Limited access for emergency vehicles to fit down Central Parkway, Fehr Avenue, Ashmore Avenue and Parkside Avenue.

2) Damage to lawns.

3)Arguments with law enforcement officials about street access.

A simple solution would be the Congregation pointing out proper parking for all its events (festivals, wakes, funerals, etc.) and that parking on neighbors’ lawns is not acceptable. Parking areas near the “A” diamond hold over 1,000 cars; parking areas near the Central Park tennis courts hold 80-plus cars; parking areas for the Rose Garden hold 100 cars.

There are also numerous businesses on Eastern Avenue and Union Street that would surely rent out or donate spots for events.

Overall, it was a great day that raised money for a fantastic cause.

Joe Vendetti


Burgess is vested in Niskayuna schools

Barbara Burgess would be a great asset to the Niskayuna School Board.

Here’s why: Barbara has three children who are currently in school, two in middle school and a high school senior. This is a very unique position to be in, one that has allowed her to experience firsthand the changes that have been occurring throughout the district at all levels.

For over a decade, she has been attending and participating in meetings and school committees, including the middle school shared decision-making committee, the committee for gifted learner education and enrichment, the committee to address drug and alcohol issues at the high school and the most recent superintendent search stakeholder interview team.

She has been personally vested in the changes throughout her children’s varied experiences and has seen the effects those changes have had on the district.

With in-laws who are living in the district, Barbara understands the issues that face all Niskayuna residents who want good schools while balancing this with appropriate taxes.

Finally, the characteristic I like best about Barbara is her passion. It is this passion that will allow Barbara to help our schools reach their full potential for excellence, while recognizing that it must be done creatively and with fiscal prudence. So get out and vote and please join me in voting for Barb Burgess.

Ellen Daviero


Lio cartoon offensive, should be replaced

Please consider replacing the “Lio” cartoon strip with a different strip that is actually funny.

“Lio” reached a new low with the May 5 strip, which showed him handing a metal spoon to a monkey. The next panel shows the monkey dead on the floor after putting the spoon in an electrical socket.

In what way is this funny, or anything other than deeply offensive and disturbing?

There are plenty of other cartoon options out there that are funnier and better from which to choose.

Alan Sangiacomo


School vote letters

The deadline for submitting letters relating to the May 19 school budget vote and school board elections is today at 5 p.m.

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