Pro-life a measuring stick for high ethics

*Pro-life a measuring stick for high ethics *Say no on Garrow on Mohonasen's ballot *Do Glenville re

Pro-life a measuring stick for high ethics

Want to help eliminate corruption in state government? Vote for pro-life candidates only. If a candidate believes that it’s perfectly OK to murder an unborn or partially-born baby, what’s the big deal with a little bribery, extortion, kickback or cover-up along the way?

Denny Empie


Say no on Garrow on Mohonasen’s ballot

Voters beware. On May 19, the Mohonasen School District is having elections for school board members. One of the candidates is Mr. Dan Garrow. Mr. Garrow is the current chairman of the Rotterdam Democratic Committee.

Let’s keep politics out of school boards. On May 19, vote no for Dan Garrow.

Bob Godlewski


Do Glenville residents have say on growth?

I would like to comment on the massive solar panel site on Hetcheltown Road in Glenville.

Yes, it’s being installed. No, there wasn’t any public comment forum regarding it. And now, it’s my understanding that all the beautiful maple trees lining Hetcheltown Road, between the panels and the road, are going to be cut down — apparently because they will be blocking some sunlight to the panels. They are going to be replaced with some other form of “natural” border. Does that make sense?

These are beautiful trees that will hide the ugly view from the road. It’s bad enough that we have to see these panels for the rest of time. Do we, as Glenville residents, have any say about it, or is this also just going to “happen” like the solar panel site? Maybe we should cut everything down and pave it over so there’s nothing charming about living here left.

P.A. Schaeffer


Where do Niskayuna candidates stand?

On May 5, as usual, my mail came so late in the day that I didn’t get through it until after dinner.

When I did, I found in it the Niskayuna school newsletter, “Your Schools,” which was mostly concerned with the budget, how good a job the school board and officials did with keeping the costs down, and why we should vote to approve it on May 19.

There were also biographical sketches of the six candidates for two positions on the school board which, with one exception, were mostly how long they lived in Niskayuna, how many kids they have or had in the Niskayuna schools, their occupation, and what community organizations they were in and why they think we should vote for them.

Absent in all these “bios” are their standings on such issues as Common Core, standardized testing to evaluate student learning and teacher teaching, the degrading of our nation in some of the modern textbooks, teaching about “gay” sex as a normal lifestyle and the federal government usurping state and local control of what is being taught. These are the issues we want to know their standing on today.

Of course, the school newsletter noted there was a “Meet the Candidates” night scheduled for 7 p.m., May 5, just as I was reading about it. Aren’t we being “jerked around?”

Lawrence King


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