Grateful to GE for support of Girls Inc.

*Grateful to GE for support of Girls Inc. *County Dems can’t justify backing Hillary *Snowbird not h

Grateful to GE for support of Girls Inc.

One of our agency’s staff members happened to be driving along Erie Boulevard on Friday morning, May 8, and snapped a photo of the marquee at the intersection of Erie and State Street. When we all saw the message, “GE Salutes Girls Inc. — Girl Power is Brain Power,” we were elated that the Girls Inc. name would be so visible to potentially thousands that day.

We also were honored that General Electric, our agency’s signature sponsor and corporate partner for many years, believes in the Girls Inc. mission strongly enough to be compelled to post this powerful message. Thank you, GE. Your incredible support of Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region has improved the lives of thousands of local girls. With your campus workshops, hands-on activities, orientations and much more, Girls Inc. members have discovered nearly endless STEM-related career possibilities.

When girls are educated and independent, not only they, but also their families, are positively affected. And educated girls grow to become independent women who positively affect their entire communities.

Thank you, GE, for helping local girls become “strong, smart, and bold.”

Ashley Jeffrey Bouck


The writer is executive director of Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region.

County Dems can’t justify backing Hillary

So the Schenectady County Democratic Party and the Wandering Gary enthusiastically endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Funny, when asked herself what her accomplishments were, Hillary herself was at a loss.

If I may, I will be pleased to list them here: eight years as the most humiliated first lady in history; six years as a do-nothing senator; four years as the least accomplished secretary of state since Madelyn Albright; and now, the most incompetent and nontransparent candidate for president since the beginning of the republic.

Hey, Gary: You have placed your faith in an empty pantsuit. What were you thinking?

Mike Blyskal

Ballston Spa

Snowbird not happy with Time Warner

In her May 16 letter, Dorothy O’Connor told of her frustration in dealing with Time Warner with regard to her snowbird rates.

No, Dorothy, there is no Santa Claus, at least not at Time Warner. We experienced the same problem.

We have identical systems in New York and at our home in Myrtle Beach, S.C. — cable, Internet and security. Last October, we placed the New York cable on what was supposed to be a reduced-cost program while we were in South Carolina.

When we returned, we were told that in availing ourselves of the lower-cost program for four months, we had invalidated our original “bundling” deal for an overall lower package rate. What? Time Warner had offered something that seemed to be a practical program and then, after the fact, said that it invalidated our original deal and we are going to be hammered with new rates.

Back in the 1930s, if a person dealt with Al Capone, there was no illusion of honesty and respectability. You knew he was a crook because he made no pretense to be otherwise except to the police. When you deal with a company the brags about “Building a better world at Time Warner,” you would like think that their ethics are not equal to those of Scarface. When you run dual systems and do not lease or rent either property, you are paying for at least one system at all times that is not being used.

We do not use cable or Internet in South Carolina when we are in New York, and vice versa. We chose not to put South Carolina on the “savings plan” while we are in New York this time so as not to have a repeat of the identical discussions had by Ms. O’Connor.

Unfortunately, the people one talks with to complain are not the ones who put these policies in place. They make much more money and are isolated from the anger they provoke.

I have said for years that someone is staying up nights figuring out ways to cheat and steal from honest citizens. I have lately come to the conclusion that I am no longer talking about criminals. Today’s corporate managers fit as easily into that mold as do confidence men. In our dealings with Time Warner, we felt abused, confused and ripped off by this corporate intent to defraud.

Personally, I think I would rather have the honesty of Al Capone so that I know exactly what to expect. Now that’s a better world.

Frank Elfland


Amsterdam bridge should reflect legacy

I would like to speak to you regarding the importance of bonding for the pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam. Let’s not just have a plain bridge made of metal and concrete going across the river, but one that captures Amsterdam’s historical legacy.

Wouldn’t it be nice, not only for the present citizens of Amsterdam, but also for future citizens and visitors, to realize the magnitude of our history, at least in part, just by walking across the bridge?

In the plan, an interpretive marker would be placed on the north side of the bridge, which would depict the history of our city. The concept for the interpretive marker would include four themes and be divided into 12 stories. The first theme will be called Living, which will include the early Native American citizens, as well as the early settlers and the immigrants. Each group helped shape our city into what it is today.

The second theme will be called Moving, which includes the canal system, the railroad and the roads. All of the modes of transportation helped our city economically by providing a means for our industries to ship the products they manufactured. They also give the citizens of Amsterdam a way to travel within our city and out of the area. We are still benefiting from these same modes of transportation today.

The third theme will be called Working, which will include waterpower, factories and farms.

Lastly, the fourth theme will be called Renewing, which will encompass nature, community and revival.

The bridge, if finished and bonded with the interpretive marker, will indeed boast of Amsterdam’s historic legacy and will be part of Amsterdam’s economic revival.

To quote noted Amsterdam musician/actress Maria Riccio Bryce, “What once was home is home again — my Amsterdam.” Let it become “my Amsterdam” for each and every one of us by approving the bonding and finishing of the pedestrian bridge and letting the citizens of Amsterdam and the visitors to our city realize and appreciate our historical legacy.

Please encourage the Common Council to pass the resolution to include the interpretive marker to the north side of the bridge, as well as the mosaic wheel of life and other historical pieces that were in the plan for the bridge in the original price quote.

Time is getting short. The Common Council must pass the resolution in less than 30 days. The resolution, if passed, will make the bridge much more than just a structure of iron and concrete, but one that possesses with pride the city’s historical legacy.

Marilyn Andrews



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